Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Swiftwick sock kits for Christmas! Thanks Santa!

YAY! Guess what? New Sport Kits Available on just in time for the holidays!
I am so excited to tell you guys that Swiftwick has teamed up with world class athletes to bring you guys Sports Kits for Christmas. They have a kit for runners, cyclist, golfers, and hockey players.
I have been wearing Swiftwick socks for the past year and it is the only sock that ever touches my feet. What is great about the sock is that they feel exactly the same as far as compression today as they did a year ago.
If you have never tried Swiftwick socks or sleeves, now is your chance. Check out all of their products at I would love to have one of these kits under my tree.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feeling good, Spartan Race World Championship on TV, and a little Spartan race entry for you guys...

I have been feeling so good this past week. Finally getting back to running/Crossfit has been great mentally for me. Speaking of running/Crossfit, guess what's coming on TV?
I have been working with the Spartan Race Media for a while now, and they have been so grateful to my readers this year. I wanted to tell you all about the World Championship Spartan Race on NBC Sports airing on December 7th. That's right if you have ever wanted to see what all the talk is about, here's your chance. Check out this video from Spartan Race Media and NBC Sports...

Scary? Fun? No way? Sure? Those are the kind of emotions I feel when I watch that video. I love watching athletes push their bodies to the extreme. Its very inspiring.
If you are a bar owner or gym owner and would like to host a viewing party, check this out...

The great Spartan Race group has given me another free entry to any one of their open heat races in 2013/2014 and the Continental U.S.
Enter below...

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I was given a free entry for giveaway. All opinions are of 0to26point2 and no one else's!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spectating the Disney Wine and Dine

Yesterday I told you guys about going to Disney World with the Bff's to get a little RNR and do what I love by racecationing!
Yep I went to my very first Disney race. I have never attended an infamous Disney race before so I was excited to finally see what all of the craziness is about. Unfortunately the race was sold out and has been sold out forever, so I did what every veteran racecationer does and spectated! 
              Yep that's right! I sent my friends on their way to the bus drop offs and I conquered Epcot solo! 
I was able to get a finish line party wrist band thanks to Kristen. 
           I'm not sure if you know this but the Wine   and Dine half marathon doesn't start till 10pm, however my friends had to be on the bus by 7. What was great is that Epcot aloud the people with the finish line bracelets to enter Epcot at 7pm. The park doesn't close till 9. See where I'm going with this? Yep! I was able to ride a couple rides and check out the fireworks show. It was amazing. 
         I never thought the day would come I would be at a Disney park by myself walking around for 7 hours but it happened and I LOVED every minute of it. I also was able to taste some of the food and drinks at the Food and Wine Festival, AMAZING!
I was able to leave the park and go to the finish line just in time to see the winners come through.
         I knew my friends would not be there for a couple more hours so I went back in the park and met up with Kristin, Heather, and Meagan! Love these girls! It was awesome meeting Meagan for the first time. She's amazing and also loves Disney solo ;)! 
My finally met up with my friends around 3am and we decided to go back to the hotel! 
           So what did I think of my Disney race spectating experience? It was definitely an experience. I think if your running the race you will enjoy it more, however Disney puts on an amazingly organized race and I can see what all of you Disney runners love about it. After all it is the happiest place on earth! 
        QOTD: Have you ever attended a RunDisney  race! If so thoughts? 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finding myself again in Disney World and a new challenge...

Sometimes life doesn't always allow you to do everything you want to do at that moment. I believe however that you can pick up where you left off and things will continue to get better and better. With that said, yes I have been totally forgetting about myself lately. My kids have kept me so busy that I had forgotten how to make time for myself. So I went to Disney World!
SOOOOO after an awesome trip to Orlando last weekend for the Disney Wine and Dine with my best friend Melanie and her sister Jacqueline, who by the way is an amazing photographer, I am feeling like I am finally getting back to me. I went down to the Wine and Dine at the last minute and was obviously not able to get a bib to run. I was however able to get a finish line party ticket. I will recap the Wine and Dine finish line party as a spectator tomorrow, stay tuned! I was able to catch up with Amanda and Heather at Downtown Disney. I have been friends with them both for a while now and they are 2 of the most inspiring women I have ever met.
So back to the grind this week. Running, cycling, crossfitting, and swimming! Eating healthy and soul searching. oh and I joined Amanda's Holiday Challenge 2013 Stay Tuned!
QOTD: Have you joined any challenges this year?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Running PINK for a great cause...

I LOVE the fall. There are so many great races going on at the end of the year. I wanted to give you guys heads up on the Woman's Half/10k in Baton Rouge on Dec 8th,2013. 
Put Dec 8th on your race calendars, so you can come hang out with me and some of the best race directors in the business...
 One of the biggest, baddest, and prettiest race bling you can get...
Pink toilets, that's right PINK... 
Lots of really fun dancing? maybe?... 
And the best finish line party around... 
This was one of the most fun and organized races I did last year. I was able to meet up with a few other friends and bloggers who happen to be RunPink Ambassadors. Mindy is modeling the awesome swag bag you get for signing up.
Here is a short video of fun event from last year...
Have I convinced you yet? If not just knowing your running for the Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge should be enough to convince you. Want to run for an even better cause? Register to run for the Pink Patrol...
At Woman’s, we see what is happening in our community every day. We see our moms, sisters, wives, daughters and friends struggle in their fight with cancer. We see the sexual assault victim numb from shock and in need of comfort. We see the HIV-positive mom agonizing about her unborn child’s future.
We cannot let these sights go without action. It is Woman’s mission to improve the health of women and infants in our community, and we accomplish this through your support of vital community programs, most of which provide much-needed assistance to the underserved and uninsured. Maintaining these programs becomes a greater challenge each year, and we must look to our community and friends like you for support.
Join the PINK PATROL for women & babies and make a difference.

Join an existing team or create your own fundraising team at
Post information about your team on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, pin it to your board or e-mail your friends and family to let them know you’re working toward bettering the health of south Louisiana’s women and infants.
      No donation is too small. Every dollar raised goes toward Woman’s community programs. Thanks to our sponsor, Woman’s Center for Wellness, the more money you raise, the more cool prizes you will receive.
    I would love to see you guys at this great event. If you plan on running the Woman's Half Marathon/10k/5k, I would love to meet up. Email me at [email protected]


      If your ready to REGISTER, CLICK HERE!