Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#RnRNola teams up with Feed The Children. Here is where your money went...

I hope you had a chance to check out my post about the Nola #RnRTweetUp that happened in the Big Easy this past Saturday, if not you can check it out HERE...

Today I wanted to tell you guys about what we did after the #rnrtweetup.

Have you ever wondered exactly where your money goes when you sign up for a race? 
Have you ever questioned whether or not your money goes to the charity?
Do you even think about the charity that the race is supporting?

I have always in the back of my head wondered about how the race money supports the charity. Well being a Rock n Blogger, we got the chance to go see exactly where some of the money you guys paid to run the Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon went. This year they partnered up with the Feed the Children organization.

What is Feed the Children?

Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger. It’s the cause upon which we were founded 35 years ago and the one that we continue to fight for each and every day.
We know it takes the power of many to end childhood hunger for good. We connect donors, experts, partners, leaders and communities to attack the problem from all angles.
We are taking a stand and we will not rest until every child has enough to eat.   Source

We were lucky enough to be invited to volunteer for the Feed The Children charity function going on in New Orleans on Saturday, so after the super fun #rnrtweetup, we loaded up in cars and headed over to The Apex Youth Center with the awesome @runrocknroll crew...

 photo 20150124_112510_zps35s88w6i.jpg 

We were not exactly sure what we would be doing while we were there so it was fun when we pulled up to see a line of families waiting to be helped by Feed The Children. I knew right then we would be able to interact with families we were all helping.
(George and Bobby thought I was taking their photo naturally, but I was actually taking it of the line behind them. shhhhhhhh! Don't tell them :)

 photo 20150124_115353_zpsnpyu3son.jpg 

When we walked into The Apex Youth Center we were greeted by the organizer and sent outside to help with the food/toiletry give away. We were able to walk through and see all of the wonderful things they were offering these families. There were free health screenings, local health information, hotdogs, drinks, playtime for the kids, and even a barber shop set up for haircuts.

 photo 0c268b76-ba19-4892-aed6-8aca0a9a6948_zpsvnb5cwfv.jpg 

 photo d7824e40-1e30-4368-a67e-3c19b5c99561_zpskkhmdu4j.jpg 

Once we were outside they had a volunteer meeting and kind of told us what we would be doing. They had preregistered over 400 families for pick up that day.

 photo de2ca6b2-2db5-4a1c-b1fe-a64311b56d5d_zpsvy1glkgx.jpg

They would be signing in and then coming out to get their boxes of goodies. One of the boxes had toiletry items, one had food items, and one had health essentials. Also they would be given 2 bags of fruit from Whole Foods and a pint of milk from us...

Gina, myself, Heather, Melanie, and George

 photo f74d5fe8-5354-4e92-856b-10f77f9dafc2_zpsc50ekeyb.jpg 

As we were getting ready to start serving families, we noticed a familiar face getting ready to hand out boxes...

 photo c5561117-b61c-4d58-ab23-3630079b0977_zpsopjkxgci.jpg  

Yep, that's Thomas Morstead, punter for the New Orleans Saints football team. Loved seeing him out there helping out Feed The Children and these families.

 photo 808ecc76-8d73-4ede-ba39-9b27c89e7a8a_zpsp78zyftk.png

My new BFF's, blog readers Charlotte and Leah came with us from the #rnrtweetup to change lives. LOVE THESE LADIES!!!

 photo 20150124_120456_zps01cqplez.jpg 

My BFF Melanie came and helped pass out milk with Gina, Bobby (Heathers husband), and myself. She is such an amazing person and I know that she was super excited about helping out Feed The Children.

 photo 20150124_125704_zpsftjs8mxv.jpg 

So I hope this gave you some insite to where your money went when you signed up for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon, half, or 10k. It was nice to actually see the hard work and money put in to this event. And most of all the smiling faces of the families it helped. (I didn't post any pictures of the families to respect their privacy, however I promise their were some very appreciative families).

 photo 6322b926-c633-4e77-8beb-64c8e70078b9_zpsjooqgnhc.jpg

If you would like to help out the Feed The Children organization, you can go to their website at You can make a donation to help feed these families, sponsor a child, or even find out more info on how you could help by volunteering at an even near you.
You can also find Feed The Children on the following social media outlets...

I am so excited about tomorrows post, I'm going to tell you all about the very first inaugural Rock n Roll New Orleans 10k. Trust me your gonna love it, stay tuned...

 photo ea1f0377-51c9-49c0-a84a-988c68d9c27b_zpsimqj1hjv.jpg 

Until then...

Have you ever helped a charity you ran for?

Does it make you feel better actually seeing what your money goes to? 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#RnRTweetUp went down in NOLA...

Yesterday I was telling you guys about the fun we had at the Game-Rock-Give fundraiser. Today I was going to give you guys a little taste of the #RocknBlog #tweetup that went down in NOLA!

 photo d39c94e9-6703-4875-a4ce-b9862f279df5_zpskicq9bkd.png

I was super excited to meet up with the other #RnRNola bloggers for a fun little tweet session at Cafe Du Monde.

 photo 20150124_104530_zpseduakkxt.jpg 

 photo 20150124_104547_zpsw4nugisy.jpg
If you followed the hashtag #rnrtweetup on twitter I am sure that you guys saw the loads of fun we had at the meet up. Here are some more pics from the group...

 photo 20150124_102822_zpsatrjusvj.jpg 

  photo IMG_324889586925477_zps2sybdfa0.jpeg

Super excited that Leah and Charlotte came out to see me. Loved meeting them and getting to hang out with them.
  photo Screenshot_2015-01-26-14-58-01-1_zpslco7l0el.png 

 photo Screenshot_2015-01-26-14-58-11-1_zps72itliii.png

Here is the whole group together...
 photo 20150124_112005_zpsr3hom5qo.jpg 

After we finished socializing at Cafe du Monde we headed over to the Feed The Children charity event...
 photo IMG952321_zpshbf0o5op.jpg 

I cannot wait to tell you tomorrow all about this great charity and the great things they are doing for a community near you. Until then...
 photo 81eb1d5c-e869-4334-8249-fd88f53ca166_zpszbqiajld.png

Monday, January 26, 2015

First Racecation of 2015, #RnRNola weekend, #ImagineNoHunger fundraiser...

I had a blast this past weekend on my first racecation of the year. Melanie, Jennifer, Jake, and I headed down to the Big Easy for the 2015 Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon, Half, and 10k. This is the 4th year I have ran this race and it is hands down one of my favorite races.

I will be recapping the weekend all week mainly because we did so many cool things including attending an #ImagineNoHunger fundraiser, helping the Feed the Children charity feed over 400 New Orleans families, hosting a #RnRTweetUp, then finally running an amazing race down the streets of New Orleans.
 photo b86d9e8e-73f9-4f36-8276-7e73bc6abc14_zpsfdszsjop.jpg

But first, being part of the Rock n Roll Marathon Rock-n-Blog team allowed me to attend some really cool events in New Orleans this past weekend. One of them being a fundraiser on Friday night at the Hard Rock Cafe hosted by fellow rock n blogger George Melichar.
 photo 67f1b57a-5787-44d9-912c-b8a725a05342_zpsefwlrpmv.jpg

George was raising money for the WhyHunger Game-Rock-Give #ImagineNoHunger movement by hosting a fun game night. We played BINGO...
 photo 20150123_212118_zps8jx6byqw.jpg

And a little Pictionary...
 photo fbdf0780-ea33-43bf-815e-4225b019c069_zps2n6rqcqx.jpg 

It was soooo much fun and thank you so much to George for inviting us to such a fun night raising money for such a great cause. If you want to check out George's Fundraising for WhyHunger, Go HERE.

I am so excited to show you guys all of the other things we did in New Orleans leading up to the big race on Sunday, so stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Biggest Loser Show, My Thoughts...

My thoughts on The Biggest Loser controversy...

There have been some major revelations this week about the contestants on The biggest Loser. I'm sure you have heard or seen it on social media. If not, this is whats going on...

"Biggest Loser" season 3 winner Kai Hibbard has spoken out against the NBC show, saying she is "embarrassed to have participated in" it. In an interview with the New York Post, Hibbard claimed the show was mentally and physically abusive. "The whole f***king show is a fat-shaming disaster," she told Page Six. "You just think you’re so lucky to be there that you don’t think to question or complain about anything."

Here's the rest of the article if you care to read it.

Now I don't doubt that what Kai is alleging happened. And I am sure that more than what is wrote went on.

But come on people, what do you expect?

You are applying to be on a National Televesion show, with HUGE ratings and sponsors. What did you think was going to happen?

Did the contestants from the 2nd season on honestly think that the 1st season contestants lost all that weight that quick in a completely "normal" way? Its TV people!

When your only job is to lose weight while your on the show, than don't be surprised that they would have you working out 4-7 times a day. 

Limiting your calories? Uh yeah that's how you lose weight super fast. Did you actually think they would have you eating a normal balanced 12-1800 calories a day diet? NO!

Were you really that "surprised" that they isolated you in a hotel room and watched you like a hawk while the show is taping? Come on, they are making millions from sponsors and they don't need contestants spoiling the season. IT'S TV!

Speaking of sponsors, uh did they think that they would be eating fruits and vegis all day? Hell no, your eating the food from the companies that fund the show. Its not rocket science people!

Theres a reason why the trainers with a bigger name have stepped away ALOT! They have too much to lose in their own careers to be tied to a controversial issue. Hello, Jillian has now left for 3rd time. Jillian just stay away!!! Bob needs to take note and FOLLOW!

I do watch the show. I like the show. I have met a couple people from the show.

Do I believe the show? Sure, we see the weightloss.

Does it make me feel I can do the same at home and have the same results? NO!

Do I think what they do is healthy? NO!

But I also am smart enough to know that its TV. Its all about ratings and sponsors.

Did these upset past contestants read their contracts before signing? You know darn well it said all of this stuff in it in some way, shape, or form. If it didn't, SUE. That hasn't happened yet, so you know its in their contracts that they chose to sign.

Would I go on the show if I had 100lbs to lose knowing all of this went and goes on? Sure, again its TV, what do you expect!

Will I keep watching it? Sure, its almost an organized train wreck you cant turn away from.

I do hate that some of the contestants had a bad experience for our viewing pleasure, but again what did they expect was going to happen when they signed a contract for a primetime national TV show?

Come on people WAKE UP!


What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rock n Roll NOLA...

CRAZY happenings this past week. I have been super busy working on training plans, meal plans, house plans, life plans, oh you get the point. ITS BEEN CRAZY!

Anyways I am super excited about starting back up my serious training. I have got some big plans for the end of the year that I need to start training for NOW. That being said one of my favorite races is coming up this weekend, RNR NOLA.

This has been one of my favorite races for the past 3 years. I have ran the half marathon, full marathon, the relay, and this year I am running the all new 10k:) YAYYYYYY! I am super excited to recap the 10k race for you guys. I love that they have an option for everyone. Check out the awesome bling...

If you are planning on being in NOLA for the race I would love to meet you. Email me at and let me know.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

#FattoFitRadio Show; How to Beat the Winter Blues

Hey guys, we hope you listened to the show this morning.  We talked about ways to beat the Winter Blues.
Do you suffer from the Winter Blues? Winter Depression?
I do, and these 10 tips can really help get you out of that funk...
1. Exercise
Exercise isn't only for maintaining your weight and staying healthy. It's known to be a great stress reliever that also helps release chemicals called endorphin's which put you in a better mood.  Plus, the effects of a good workout can last for several hours after you hit the showers. You’ll have more energy throughout the day, and your metabolism with stay elevated too. 
2. Eat a Healthy Diet
What and when you eat has a great affect on your mood and energy. Avoid refined and processed foods (like white breads, rice, and sugar). These foods are not only devoid of the nutrients your body craves, but they zap your energy levels and can affect your mood—causing depression, lack of concentration, and mood swings. Try to incorporate more complex carbohydrates (whole wheat breads, brown rice, veggies, fruit) and get your daily 8 cups of water. These healthy foods provide your body (and mind) with nutrients, and stabilize your blood sugar and your energy levels. 
3. Get Some Sun
Most people know that sunlight provides us with Vitamin D. But did you know that it also improves your mood? Winter days are shorter and darker than other months, and because of the cold weather, a lot of people spend less and less time outdoors. Lack of sunlight can cause many people to become depressed—without knowing why! Similar to exercise, sunlight exposure releases neurotransmitters in the brain that affect mood. Try to spend a little more time outdoors.  Keep your shades up during the day to let more light in. Sit near windows in restaurants and during class. Try changing the light bulbs in your house to "full spectrum" bulbs. These mimic natural light and actually have the same affects on your mind as the real thing. 
4. Act on your Resolutions
A recent study from the CDC showed a strong link between healthy behaviors and depression. Women who exhibited healthy behaviors (like exercising, not smoking, etc.) had less sad and depressed days than those whose behaviors were less than healthy. Although researchers studied women, the results are likely similar in men. 
5. Avoid Binge Drinking
Staying in with a cold beer or a nice glass of wine may seem like the only thing to do in the winter months, and many people who feel down also tend to turn to alcohol when they’re feeling down. But alcohol is actually a depressant, and rather than improving your mood, it only makes it worse. Avoiding alcohol when you are already depressed is a good idea. Moderate drinking is fine for most people, but binge drinking (defined as having 5 or more drinks in one sitting) is never a healthy choice. The morning after will have you feeling sick, depressed, and even more tired, which will affect many aspects of your life. This will make your low energy and bad mood even worse. 
6. Treat Yourself
Having something to look forward to can keep anyone motivated. Winter seems endless! But if you plan something exciting, your mood improves when you’re anticipating it and when the event actually comes. Plan something that’s exciting to you, or  a special event like a play, girls (or guys) night out, or sporting event. 
7. Relax!
We are all busy with life, work, class, family, friends, appointments, meetings—even if you enjoy being busy, everyone needs some down time. Don’t be afraid to say "No" to extra opportunities. Try to spend a few minutes each day doing nothing or something for yourself. Read a book or magazine, sleep in on the weekend, go to bed early, try some meditations, or take a yoga class. Relaxation, especially in the form of yoga, can alleviate stress and leave you with a calm energy. Mental exercises like meditation and positive thinking can help keep depression at bay. 
8. Embrace the Season
Instead thinking negatively about the cold weather try to change your attitude and look for the best that it has to offer. Take up a winter sport like ice skating, snowboarding, hockey, or even sledding! Staying active will boost your energy. Seeing winter in a positive light, with all the fun activities that it has to offer, will keep your spirits high. 
9. Get Social Support
The power of friends, family, mentors, co-workers, and neighbors is not to be underestimated. Keep a mental list of these special people and don’t be afraid to ask for help or encouragement when you need it. Something as simple as a phone call, a chat over coffee, or a nice email or letter can brighten your mood. Socializing makes us happy.
10. Catch some Zzzz’s
The cold weather naturally makes people want to sleep more. However, this busy time of year makes it hard to get the sleep you need. With a little time management, and some self-discipline, you can meet your shut eye needs. If you get 7-8 hours each night, and try to keep your bedtime and waking time consistent your sleeping patterns can normalize and you’ll have more energy. Oversleeping on the weekend can actually make you MORE tired. Don’t forget naps! A short (10-30 minute) afternoon nap may be all you need to re-energize midday.
Do you have any other things you do? We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Atkins 40 Program 6 Week Update and a Couple Resolutions for 2015

Now that it is 2015, I have vowed to make this year the year that I hit certain goals 100%. So here are my goals for the 2015...
  • To finally lose this last 25lbs (Atkins 40 has really helped with this)
  • To swim train heavily to kick A$$ at Ironman Augusta!
  • To ride my awesome tri bike on the road with cars in traffic, YIKES!
  • To build stronger relationships with my friends
  • To be a better blogger
I don't think these are too far fetched. LOL!
One thing at a time though. Lets start with losing weight with the help of the Atkins 40 plan.

If you have been following me the past 6 weeks, I have been reviewing the Atkins 40 diet plan with FitFluential. All I have to say is that it works! AND its not as hard as you might think. I lost about 14lbs and quite a few inches as you can see in the pictures. My stomach isn't nearly as bloated looking. Plus my love handles seem to be going away...

One of the great things about the Atkins 40 Program is that they make it super easy for you to stay on the program while on the go. I am super busy and love that I can just grab an Atkins bar, candy, or shake and go. Today I wanted to tell you about the yummy shakes they offer.
 photo c144c367-d74e-4fe7-81a5-fd5c9e245f76_zpsdb69fd6c.jpg 

The shakes only have 3 net carbs, 10g of protein, 7g of fiber, and come in eight delicious flavors:

Cafe Caramel
Dark Chocolate Royale
French Vanilla
Milk Chocolate Delight
Mocha Latte
Strawberry Banana
Creamy Chocolate

One of my favorites is the Milk Chocolate Delight topped with crushed peanuts.
 photo 1d73b4c7-00f3-44b2-bfde-70a1034e5413_zps7baac047.jpg 

You should try the Atkins shake for yourself, Its delicious. You could also mix it with ice and make a creamy shake. Or even freeze it to make ice cream.

If you are a busy on the go person or even if you just like quick easy grab n go snacks, check out the Atkins Protein shakes, I know your going to LOVE them.

You can get all the info on the Atkins 40 Plan and make your own meal plans at Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get keep up with all the cool things they have going on.

I started my weightloss venture in Jan of 2011 and now its Jan 2015, what a difference 4 years can make...
 photo 20141105_060535_zps9mbwcoav.jpg

What are some of your resolutions for 2015?
Would you try the Atkins 40?

I was compensated for my Atkins review. As always all opinions are mine!
This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Atkins.