Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reebok Zig Big N Fast EX Review (youth)

Reebok Zig Big N Fast EX Review

OK so before my kiddos tell you how super awesome the "Zigs" are, let me tell you a little about the Reebok Zig Big N Fast EX and why its important for us as parents to make sure our kids have the best shoes on their growing feet...

"Reebok ZigTech powers the way you play, with a super-sized midsole to cushion your biggest movements. Make a Big Impact with Reebok ZigTech."

Reebok ZigTech is built to energize your run, providing full length energy from heel to toe.
SUPERSIZED ZIGTECH MIDSOLE: Engineered for maximum cushioning in the heel and responsive acceleration in the forefoot
TPU PROPULSION PLATE: channels energy at impact for lightweight, accelerated mid foot transition
NANOBREEZE: Lightweight mesh upper provides superior breathability and comfort

As you can tell by all the support, protection, and cushioning in the new Zig shoe, that you can feel good knowing that your kids precious feet are getting the best support possible.

Reebok has some awesome TV Commercials featuring the new ZigTech shoe...
Dance Off:

So as soon as the boxes came my kids were outside trying out their new shoes. My youngest child Willie was so excited that they matched his football teams colors. He plays for the West Mobile Buccaneers and as you can tell by his shirt their colors are red, black, and white. Also his favorite team is Alabama, so they matched his shorts also. LOL! He was running around like a crazy kid doing football drills in the yard. I don't let him wear his cleats in the yard because they tear it up, so he was excited that the Reebok Zig shoes allowed him to do his drills and not slip on the grass like his previous tennis shoes.
Now my daughter Cadence is a little harder to please when it comes to shoes. Yes, its a girl thing. She is a swimmer, so tennis shoes are not a staple item in her wardrobe. So to her they must be pretty and "cool" looking.

Reebok nailed it on the fashion card. She and her friend Sarah both loved the shoes so much Sarahs mom is heading down to Finish Line in the mall this weekend to buy her a pair. And at a price point of $79.99 (size 3.5-7), you cant beat it.

If you have kids you should def stop in to your local Finish Line store and check out the new Reebok Zig Big N Fast EX for boys and girls.

As a mom of very active kids, I always make sure my kids have the best shoes for their feet. Reebok really outdid themselves with the new Zig. I will def be buying these shoes in the future.

Are you careful about your kids active shoes?

Have they tried the Reebok Zig shoe before?

This post was created in partnership with FitFluential on behalf of Reebok.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Viking Raid happening on Twitter, Thursday 2/19 at 1pm EST...

Have you guys ever seen the show Vikings on the HISTORY Channel?

It is one of my son and I's favorite shows to watch together. So when the chance came to get in on some of the Viking action on Twitter, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved, so check this out...

The gods have set the next Twitter raid for Thursday 2/19 at 1PM EST! Follow @HistoryVikings & prepare to fight hashtags to the death.

The Vikings were legendary seafaring explorers and raiding warriors— the epitome of strength and bravery.

HISTORY’s Vikings chronicles the epic adventures of Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his fellow valiant warriors as they raid dangerous distant shores. It’s also a tale of family & brotherhood, ambition & innovation, loyalty & conflict, violence & victory. Season 3 premieres Thursday, February 19th at 10pm ET!

But before the premiere, you must ask yourself: are you ready to raid like a Viking, and train to look like one? PREPARE FOR BATTLE! Vikings fans and all lovers of hard-cut bodies, should head to this Thursday at 1pm ET to help us#raid #TBT, like only Vikings can!
We’ll be talking all about the Vikings’ fitness and strength: how to get arms like Lagertha, shoulders like Rollo, and speed like Ragnar. We’ll compare some highlights of Season 1 and Season 2 to exercises that you can do yourself to achieve, truly, Viking strength.
For a chance to win a Vikings Hashtag Raid Prize Pack, be sure to specifically share the raid Leaders’ (@SavingUGreenMom & @0to26point2) content on Twitter – you’ll see it once you head to!
Here’s what you need to know:
  • When Is The #TBT Raid?: Thursday, February 19th 1pm ET/ 12 pm CT
  • How Can You Help #Raid #TBT?: To jump in the Vikings conversation, follow @HISTORYVikings and join @SavingUGreenMom and @0to26point2 as they help us raid #TBT!
      For a chance to win a Prize Pack, make sure you’re specifically sharing the raid Leader’s content on Twitter – you’ll see it once you head to
  • FOUR will win a Vikings Raid Prize Pack (value $475):
      Vikings Season 1 DVD
      Vikings Season 2 DVD
      Vikings Horn pewter tankard
      Vikings characters poster
      Vikings T-shirt
      Vikings trucker hat
      AND a $200 AMEX gift card!
And, just as a friendly heads-up, just in case you can’t get enough of Vikings — future raids will take place on Tumblr on 2/23 at 1pm ET, and 2/26 at 1pm ET. Check in with and follow @HISTORYVikings for more details!

Do you watch Viking?
Would you want to train like a Viking?

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Pizza Prescription and Clean Pizza Crust Recipe...

We talked about "The Pizza Prescription" on The Fat to Fit Radio Show a couple weeks ago. You can go and listen to the recording on our Fat to Fit Radio Show Podcast HERE.

We all LOVE pizza, especially kids, but we all know that ooey gooey deliciousness is not so much on the healthy side. Kids in the United States eat so much pizza that some researchers now argue the food should join the ranks of sugary drinks and fast foods. In fact in a new study, researchers found that pizza is a large source of calories, saturated fat and salt in kids' diets. They suggest kids should not eat more than one or two slices of pizza for a meal, and should pair that with salad, fruit, or vegetable side. Basically using the pizza as the "meat" on their plate.

Now come on, most kids esp teenagers are not going to eat just 1 or 2 pieces. I wanted to come up with a recipe for pizza crust that was not only healthy and easy to make but that tasted good too. After all whats the point in making a healthier version to eat and it not tasting good? So after a few trial and errors this is my "perfected clean pizza crust recipe"

Plantain Pizza Crust

I had made plantain tortillas before, so I had thought why not make a pizza crust out of plantains. The problem was I knew that the tortilla mix would be way to thin fro pizza crust, so I had to add something to the mix to make it more "dough" like, Enter Almonds...

 photo 290865bf-aed9-495b-a3df-38bf10281601_zpsuyx5jwqq.jpg 
Boommmmmm! Perfect!

 photo Collage 2014-05-30 15_51_29-1_zps5jg9uxsv.png

I'm sure at this point you want to know how it was done or at least I hope you do, lol! Let me first tell you it was super easy and quick to make. So here it goes...

 photo Screenshot_2014-05-30-15-38-12-1_zpsercqamaf.png

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Makes one large pizza crust.

1 cup almonds (ground into a meal in your food processor)
1 large yellow ripe plantain
1 heaping tbsp coconut oil
2 eggs
Juice of half a lime
1/4 cup water
1/2 tbsp of salt
olive oil spray (optional)

Mix it all in the food processor till smooth. Pour onto parchment paper on top of a pizza pan. I spray my parchment paper with olive oil spray so that the edges have that crispy taste (optional). Bake at 350 for about 25-30 minutes. Pay attention to it to make sure the edges don't burn.

 photo 20140530_133531_zpslawht4zs.jpg

After it is a nice golden brown top it with your favorite toppings
 photo 20140530_134952_zpsucwmcl5r.jpg

I topped mine with 1 small can of organic tomato sauce mixed with Island Getaway Seasoning (You can mix any seasoning at this point. Whatever you like:), 1 lb of ground lean turkey meat, chopped kale, sweet onions, and low moisture mozzarella.
Put it back in the oven till cheese is melted.

 photo 20140530_140101_zpsediliier.jpg

Cut with pizza cutter. I was soooo very happy that it stayed together and was just like a regular pizza crust when I picked it up.

 photo 20140530_140339_zpsh0eojjkg.jpg

It was super delicious and totally kid friendly! the best part is that they can eat more than 1 or 2 pieces and be ok. I hope that you guys will try it out and let me know how you liked it. If you decide to try it I would love to see it, TAG @0to26point2 in your post, thanks!

Have a great day...

What is your favorite type of pizza?
Do your kids eat a lot of pizza?

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Tweed Ride, Mardi Gras, and Swimming...

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend. The weather was PERFECT here on the Gulf Coast! It was in the mid 60's to low 70's and sunny! AHHHHHH! I wish it would hurry up and stay warm, I am so not a cold person.

Do you like the cold?

Anyways I wanted to catch you up on last weekends tweed ride!

So I finally got a great picture from the amazing tweed ride I took my mom on for her birthday last weekend.

 photo 10947278_10152699683602199_7253766246492906042_o_zps9gcvahsj.jpg
Picture by the amazing Todd Douglas Photography
If you have never heard of a Tweed ride or run. It started in London and basically you dress in your finest circa 1920's 30's tweed best and you hop on your bike and tour the town in a leisure way. We all met up at this amazing little coffee shop in downtown Mobile called Cream and Sugar.

 photo IMG_20150131_134752_zps3y8el5u8.jpg 

After a cup of coffee and a few rules we hopped on our bikes and headed downtown to Cathedral Square to play a little crochet. It was really cool just kind of taking it easy and strolling downtown on our bikes. I am so used to racing, it was a nice change.

 photo d21ff4e3-e4ce-43de-a2ad-e79b3971d2fc_zpsy4csuudg.jpg 

My mom had gotten a really cool lime green beach cruiser for her birthday from my stepdad. I cant believe she is 68 years old. She is so cute!

 photo 8e06de5f-9312-40cf-b5fd-12c4fdf96379_zpsob1u0rzi.jpg 

It was a wonderful day filled with lots of laughs, crochet, and bike riding. If you guys get a chance to take part in a Tweed ride in your town, do it! You will LOVE it!

So it is Mardi Gras time here in Mobile, so be prepared for some Mardi Gras post this week...

 photo 20150207_150023_zps98weunec.jpg 

I also have started back my heavy training and it feels GREAT! I have joined in on Cindy's eight week bikini body challenge and week 1 went pretty good. I will update you guys on tomorrow on my progress. It was awesome seeing Sean the beast, working out at 5:30 in the morning wearing a shirt that kept me motivated. I am soooo not a morning person!

 photo 20150205_064933_zpsut78yegs.jpg 

I also found my way back into the water and AHHHHHH, I was at home. However I have not swam much since Ironman Augusta and OMG, it was rough! LOVED every second it. Getting to train with these ladies made my day...

 photo 8a11b726-b4e8-408f-b38f-b33a521a47c4_zpsodrfe0gw.jpg 

I see some major triathlons happening this year with this group. I'm just happy Alecia, Marjorie, and Anita let me hang out with them. :) Also does anyone else get puffy face like that after a hard workout? :(

Well I hope you guys have a great week. I am running the Joe Cain Classic next weekend and Ill tell you all about it. Until then, stay AWESOME!!!

Have you ever did a Tweed Ride?
Puffy Face, YES? NO?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Fat to Fit Spring Into Summer 8 Week Bikini Body Challenge

Happy Post Super Bowl Monday!!!

WOW, what a game! Down to the last minute. AHHHHH! I wasn't routing for any particular team, so it was nice to just be able to watch a great football game and not be really happy or really pissed off! LOL

Anyways I wanted to tell you guys about a new eating plan I am doing. As most of you know I am the cohost of an awesome radio show called The Fat to Fit Radio Show with one of my bestest friends in the whole world, the amazing Cindy Lane Ross.

 photo 7dc41bc1-cc9f-4e13-82e8-6555cbd4299e_zpsmowz7cya.jpg

There are not enough words to describe how awesome she is. have you ever known someone that just succeeds in everything they do? This is Cindy! Successful personal trainer, gym owner, cookbook author, online training and nutrition owner, national spokesperson for the Arthritis Foundation and the Diabetes Foundation, I'm telling you she does it all. I am just lucky that she thought I was cool enough to be the other half in her radio show:)

So about this weight loss program I started today.  Cindy has wrote a brand new 8 wk bikini weight loss challenge program that is not only affordable but I know that it works. She has been on it for a couple of weeks trying it out and she looks AMAZING!

 photo e3cea760-d704-45ad-add9-907afb13d586_zpshmsaw8k0.jpg

Fat to Fit 8 Week Bikini Body Challenge

Learn what to eat and when!
Burn fat and tone up!
Target problem areas!
Get a flat tummy!
Weight loss journal included!

She also has a male specific plan for all you guys...

 photo 57fc87d7-aec3-4095-96ef-6aadaf4f29f3_zpsqgwtdcg4.jpg 
The entire 8 week plan is only $29. You cant beat that!
If your interested in checking either program out and joining us CLICK HERE.

I cannot wait to show you the results from this 8 week challenge. I will update every Monday and let you know how its going. AND I would love for you guys to join me and we can encourage each other. I'm ready to be bikini ready! How about you?

Have you ever done a weight loss challenge?
What are your goals for the rest of 2015?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans 10k recap

When Rock 'n' Roll Marathon announced they were going to be adding a 10k to the Rock n Roll New Orleans weekend, I was super excited. Not because I couldn't run the half or survive the full, but because it was something new to experience and write about for you guys. If you follow my blog at all, you know I ran the RnRNola half in 2012, the Full in 2013, and the Relay in 2014, so why not run the 10k!

 photo c0516787-dc40-42d1-b376-e960ff7b4aec_zpsq5p8iajd.jpg 

So lets get started with this epicness!

The night before Melanie and I had planned a prerace dinner with Jennifer, Jake, Jacqueline, Rob, and my friend Susan who was in town with her crew for the marathon at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. However in true NOLA style they had booked a ton of reservations and they need us out by a certain time which wasn't happening. So every one went solo and Melanie and I stayed and ate with Jacqueline and Rob. We couldn't break tradition of our roasted black bean chicken pizza...

 photo c1935cef-96f7-4c98-b9f6-2999b41d9f27_zpscw7baftg.jpg 

The next morning Jake drove us to Jacqueline's hotel close to the start. I had an earlier start time than Mel and Jenn, who were running the half, so we parted ways and I headed towards the 10k start. I wasn't sure how many people were running the now SOLD OUT 10k but I knew it would be packed and hard to find anyone. However it wasn't too bad and I shortly found my girls Mandy and Kelly...

 photo 20150125_065109_zpslutfoozo.jpg 

It was early and it was cold, but we were ready to have some fun. Before the start I also spotted my IRONMAN Augusta friend and fellow CCC10k blogger Megan. She is such a great cheerleader for the running community. If you will be at CCC10k you will have to meet Megan, shes amazing...

 photo 20150125_064435_zps28tzalvd.jpg 

The race start was around the same place as the half and full start. So it was nice to be in the same area. it was a mass start which was kind of cool not having to wait in a corral. You just lined up wherever you felt comfortable.

 photo 20150125_065910_zpsead4o0hn.jpg

At 7am the race started and we headed towards the French Quarter...

 photo 01a1e5ef-d10b-41c3-bcee-5d591dcde55a_zpszdipg19j.jpg 

If you have ever ran the Rock n Roll Nola half or full, the 10k is basically the same route minus the out and back on St.Charles. I def wasn't complaining because I really don't like that out and back part of the half. The best part of the whole race is when you enter the French Quarter and then hit Esplanade. I am not sure what happen to the church at Jackson Square in this picture. I'm guessing the heavens were beaming down on us really bright. Who knows?

 photo 20150125_073919_zpsqxclptcd.jpg 

One of the great things about a Rock n Roll race is all of the bands along the course. Here are a few of the different type bands rocking the race...

 photo 20150125_072052_zpsh4p5wrkp.jpg 
 photo 511e8adc-5998-4551-867a-498549f5bf54_zpssyp3fchm.jpg 
 photo 20150125_075558_zps990owim2.jpg

 photo 699c823f-5df2-4a12-8c16-b0a56d888128_zpsoltokese.jpg 

In no time we were at Mile 3 and half way done. RnR has water stations every 2 miles which is great so you don't have to take hydration. I was super excited to see the New Orleans hashers at mile 3 water station...

 photo d4a1c00e-5d6a-4b21-a655-09c349d4a2c4_zpsf8d4sgi3.jpg 

The hashers put on a Red Dress Run in New Orleans that is a blast. Check it out! Anyways we turned down Esplanade and it was a straight shot to the finish line in City Park...

   photo ce241543-34b8-4595-8267-6d5d4a6e10c2_zpsb9gaj5en.jpg 

Before we knew it we were in City Park and almost done...

   photo 08d84409-4b9b-4781-963a-34599b7b98ba_zpsdqm2y7mr.jpg 

They had the 10k runners finish on the full marathon line. Coming through the finish and still feeling like I could keep going was fun. Also being done by 8:30am was strange too. That's the beauty of running the 10k. they treated the 10k the same as the half and full finish. You were able to get your finishers picture...

 photo 19b76ccf-cc27-41a6-a73f-d33da45294b4_zpsynojemq9.jpg

After the race was over we headed over to the finish line festival and spotted #NAKEDKYLE. Not that it was too hard to see him. LOL! He has ran all of the RnR races as a swimmer. WHY? WHY NOT? Either way if you are an RnR event look for #NAKEDKYLE and hashtag your pics!

 photo 9278a0cc-4653-46b9-b731-20494c3c0a6d_zpszotjduvh.jpg 

By running the 10k I was able to see all of my friends finish the half and also watch the winners of the full marathon finish. They are both from my town, John Brigham won in 2:28 for the men and Sam Yeager won in 3:02 for the women. Sam is a local running friend of mine, so watching her win the marathon was so exciting. Her dedication to her training is top notch. This was her first marathon win...

 photo 4c1bfb39-72fc-4c58-b35e-f9adc28010c5_zpsydaoy4hv.jpg 

So my final thoughts about the Inaugural 10k Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans is DO IT!

It was great to not have to stress about mileage. It was also nice to talk to some of the people waiting for the race to start who said they always wanted to run this race but couldn't run a full 13.1 miles and now with the 10k option they could. If you have friends running the half or full you can still participate and than see everyone finish. Its a great way to check out the RnRNola. The 10k distance is always a fun distance. And last but not least if you want a fun race to run with friends and have a great time the entire race, the 10k is for you!

I am not sure what distance I will run at next years Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans, maybe the FULL again. I think its about time to do another one. Who knows? Maybe my girl Mindy will do it with me? hint hint!

   photo b24125d1-4b1e-454e-bd0b-116c761759f5_zpsduttmlwu.jpg 

Now its time to focus on CCC10k, which I am going to actually race for time. And who knows what Ill be running between now and then, so stay tuned...

What distance do you want to run next year?
 photo 3c58436b-63dc-4425-ac12-a8e15a51d2a0_zpsypcp2uix.jpg
Would you run the 10k?
Whats your favorite distance?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#RnRNola teams up with Feed The Children. Here is where your money went...

I hope you had a chance to check out my post about the Nola #RnRTweetUp that happened in the Big Easy this past Saturday, if not you can check it out HERE...

Today I wanted to tell you guys about what we did after the #rnrtweetup.

Have you ever wondered exactly where your money goes when you sign up for a race? 
Have you ever questioned whether or not your money goes to the charity?
Do you even think about the charity that the race is supporting?

I have always in the back of my head wondered about how the race money supports the charity. Well being a Rock n Blogger, we got the chance to go see exactly where some of the money you guys paid to run the Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon went. This year they partnered up with the Feed the Children organization.

What is Feed the Children?

Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger. It’s the cause upon which we were founded 35 years ago and the one that we continue to fight for each and every day.
We know it takes the power of many to end childhood hunger for good. We connect donors, experts, partners, leaders and communities to attack the problem from all angles.
We are taking a stand and we will not rest until every child has enough to eat.   Source

We were lucky enough to be invited to volunteer for the Feed The Children charity function going on in New Orleans on Saturday, so after the super fun #rnrtweetup, we loaded up in cars and headed over to The Apex Youth Center with the awesome @runrocknroll crew...

 photo 20150124_112510_zps35s88w6i.jpg 

We were not exactly sure what we would be doing while we were there so it was fun when we pulled up to see a line of families waiting to be helped by Feed The Children. I knew right then we would be able to interact with families we were all helping.
(George and Bobby thought I was taking their photo naturally, but I was actually taking it of the line behind them. shhhhhhhh! Don't tell them :)

 photo 20150124_115353_zpsnpyu3son.jpg 

When we walked into The Apex Youth Center we were greeted by the organizer and sent outside to help with the food/toiletry give away. We were able to walk through and see all of the wonderful things they were offering these families. There were free health screenings, local health information, hotdogs, drinks, playtime for the kids, and even a barber shop set up for haircuts.

 photo 0c268b76-ba19-4892-aed6-8aca0a9a6948_zpsvnb5cwfv.jpg 

 photo d7824e40-1e30-4368-a67e-3c19b5c99561_zpskkhmdu4j.jpg 

Once we were outside they had a volunteer meeting and kind of told us what we would be doing. They had preregistered over 400 families for pick up that day.

 photo de2ca6b2-2db5-4a1c-b1fe-a64311b56d5d_zpsvy1glkgx.jpg

They would be signing in and then coming out to get their boxes of goodies. One of the boxes had toiletry items, one had food items, and one had health essentials. Also they would be given 2 bags of fruit from Whole Foods and a pint of milk from us...

Gina, myself, Heather, Melanie, and George

 photo f74d5fe8-5354-4e92-856b-10f77f9dafc2_zpsc50ekeyb.jpg 

As we were getting ready to start serving families, we noticed a familiar face getting ready to hand out boxes...

 photo c5561117-b61c-4d58-ab23-3630079b0977_zpsopjkxgci.jpg  

Yep, that's Thomas Morstead, punter for the New Orleans Saints football team. Loved seeing him out there helping out Feed The Children and these families.

 photo 808ecc76-8d73-4ede-ba39-9b27c89e7a8a_zpsp78zyftk.png

My new BFF's, blog readers Charlotte and Leah came with us from the #rnrtweetup to change lives. LOVE THESE LADIES!!!

 photo 20150124_120456_zps01cqplez.jpg 

My BFF Melanie came and helped pass out milk with Gina, Bobby (Heathers husband), and myself. She is such an amazing person and I know that she was super excited about helping out Feed The Children.

 photo 20150124_125704_zpsftjs8mxv.jpg 

So I hope this gave you some insite to where your money went when you signed up for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon, half, or 10k. It was nice to actually see the hard work and money put in to this event. And most of all the smiling faces of the families it helped. (I didn't post any pictures of the families to respect their privacy, however I promise their were some very appreciative families).

 photo 6322b926-c633-4e77-8beb-64c8e70078b9_zpsjooqgnhc.jpg

If you would like to help out the Feed The Children organization, you can go to their website at You can make a donation to help feed these families, sponsor a child, or even find out more info on how you could help by volunteering at an even near you.
You can also find Feed The Children on the following social media outlets...

I am so excited about tomorrows post, I'm going to tell you all about the very first inaugural Rock n Roll New Orleans 10k. Trust me your gonna love it, stay tuned...

 photo ea1f0377-51c9-49c0-a84a-988c68d9c27b_zpsimqj1hjv.jpg 

Until then...

Have you ever helped a charity you ran for?

Does it make you feel better actually seeing what your money goes to?