Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Spartan Winner, Ironman Augusta countdown, and the @FattoFitRadio Show topic...

Hey guys lots of stuff going on down here in the South at the Dixon household but first a Spartan winner...
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Congrats Dustin, contact me at for your special code to sign up.
Thanks to all of you guys who entered the Spartan giveaway. Dont forget you can still ENTER TO WIN a flyaway cruise with the Spartan Race...
(This sweepstakes is for US residents only.) The Spartan Cruise winners will be selected on September 22, 2014. GOOD LUCK! If one of you guys win, Ill be glad to be your +1:)
You can also use the code: SPARTANBLOGGER and you will receive a 10% discount off any Spartan Race in the U.S.

Ok so my #TEAMTAGYOURIT Augusta relay partner sent me this this morning...
Holy moly! 1 month till we take over Augusta Ironman, YIKES! Im feeling pretty strong about the swim. My only concern is the open water, but I have grown up on the Gulf Coast swimming in rivers, creeks, and oceans, So I am just hoping I dont have a panic attack, lol! Because we are doing the relay we don't hit the water till the very last wave of people, so I will have to haul it to make sure we finish early! In Augusta the swim is the easiest part, so I am hoping to get out fast so that Nicole and Laura can get their parts going. Wish us luck!!!

I am on my way out the door to record our radio show The Fat to Fit Radio Show with Cindy and cohost Larisa. Today we have the manager of Run n Tri coming in to talk about how important the right kind of shoes are for this upcoming race season. We are also talking to Kathryn from Swiftwick socks about how important the use of the correct socks are for your feet. Make sure to check us out on the web and on Saturday mornings on News Talk Radio 710 AM at 7:30 am. You can also listen to all of our past show on our podcast HERE.

Hope you guys have a great Thursday...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clean Chocolate Fudge Squares

I am super busy this week with training and certifications so things will be a little short, so please bare with me. I posted a picture on Instagram last week for Healthy chocolate fudge squares. Here is the recipe... I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rodale Triple Crown Challenge... Are you ready for it?





In October, Bicycling, Runner’s World and Men’s Health are offering you, the tough-as-nails athlete, the opportunity to pass the ultimate test: The RODALE TRIPLE CROWN:
  • Ride 50 or 90 miles on Oct. 12 at the Bicycling Fall Classic in Trexlertown
  • Run the half marathon on Oct. 19 in Bethlehem
  • Tackle the 10-mile Urbanathlon course at CitiField Oct. 25


  • Your name in a special event recap in Bicycling, Men’s Health and Runner’s World magazines
  • 15% Registration discount on each event. Must register separately using same code, which you will receive upon signing up for the RODALE TRIPLE CROWN.


  • Enroll here for the Triple Crown Challenge
  • Upon registering you will receive an email confirmation with a registration discount code and instructions for completing your registration
  • To qualify for the prizing, you must register for, and complete, the following races in 2014:
    • Bicycling Fall Classic (50 or 90 Miles) in Trexlertown, PA
    • Runner’s World Half-Marathon (13.1 Miles) in Bethlehem, PA
    • Men’s Health Urbanathlon (Classic Distance, 10 Miles) in Queens, New York
Register Today!
Questions? Contact

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mizuno Wave Kazan Trail Shoe Review...

The following is a sponsored post by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

The day after I came home from Boston in June, I was sent a pair of Mizuno Wave Kazan Trail Shoes to review from a FitFluential Campaign. I was super excited to test these shoes on the trails here in Alabama.

I was super excited to hit the trails then I decided to drop a huge 75lb piece of wood on my foot. I immediately knew it had to be broke. Thanks goodness it wasn't. However I would be out of running for about 5 weeks, Which meant NO TRAIL RUNNING:( Coming back from a foot injury is super hard. Luckily my foot wasn't broke, however it had severe deep tissue damage. It has almost healed up except it has a huge round scar tissue bump on it :( It has not bothered me too much in the past couple weeks that I have been able to train on it. The only time I really notice it is when I run on a hard surface like the sidewalk. So yesterday I decided to do some trail running. Now I am not a trail runner by any means, but do enjoy changing my workout up. I also love trail hikes. One of the great things about the park I run at is that it has lots of different trail runs in it.
I was excited to see that they had marked all the stumps with fluorescent paint. It makes it so much safer to run, and this makes me #HAPPY!
I was amazed at how great the Mizuno Wave Kazan felt on my feet as I was going over the pretty rough terrain. Here is a little more about the shoe...

 The Wave Kazan derives its name from the Samurai battle standard of “Furin Kazan” meaning “move as swift as the wind, stay as silent as the forest, attack as fierce as fire, and be as undefeatable as the mountain”. The striking upper design was patterned after topography and Japanese rock gardens.
  • Our most versatile, all-terrain trail shoe lets you glide smoothly over any type of terrain.
  • A Concave Wave cradles the heel against excessive movement, while a midfoot “X” groove allows the heel and forefoot to move independently and adapt to uneven terrain.
  • The ultra-aggressive x-studded outsole pattern is strategically patterned to provide optimal grip and traction while still allowing for optimal flexibility where needed.
  • And at just 8.0oz., the Wave Kazan is light enough for a fast day on the trails, yet rugged and protected enough for an epic, 100 mile ultra.
As you can see above the bottoms of the shoes are designed for flexibility as well as comfort and support for your feet and ankles. I was surprised also at how lightweight the Kazan is. It didn't feel like your normal bulky trail shoe. I had decided to run my F.A.S.T. virtual race 5k on the trails to earn my awesome medal. Dani from Weight off my Shoulders hosted this virtual race to raise money for Stroke Awareness. I had an awesome time supporting a great friend, supporting a great cause, and earning this fabulous medal.
This morning I took the Kazan on a second trail run. Another great thing about the Kazan is how versatile they are from street to trail. I decided to run to the park which is about a mile a way and they gave me the support I needed to run on the pavement and the trails. 
My Thoughts:
  • Super light at 8oz (woman) and 9.5oz (men)
  • Awesome traction on damp trails
  • Very stable and comfortable shoe
  • Supports ankles and feet 
  • Never felt like they would slip on the rough terrain
  • They are a really cool looking shoe
  • Price point $119, totally worth every penny
  • I personally loved the way they look. Very limited in colors.
  • Never got anything stuck in the grooves of the shoe
 To check out the Mizuno Wave Kazan...
 You can also check out the awesome video below, The Making of the Wave Kazan.

So I leave you with this...
Until tomorrow, work hard, play hard, and enjoy life:) and don't forget to enter my SPARTAN RACE entry giveaway HERE!

I was given a pair of Mizuno Wave Kazan to review as part of a FitFluential campaign, as always all opinions are my own.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

@FattoFitRadio Show Recap and an Amazing Story about the Will to Live...

Hey guys we hope you enjoyed the show this morning on News Talk Radio 710AM. On the show we talked about how diabetes has affected our families personally.

From Larisa...
I wanted to personally say how absolutely wonderful it was to hear the news that Cindy's dad had pulled through his triple bypass on Wednesday.
If you guys missed the show, Cindy shared with us that this past weekend her dads blood sugar had bottomed out while he was with a friend at the casinos in Mississippi. He actually ended up basically dying for about 4 minutes. However the quick response from the casino and ambulance workers they were able to bring him back. Then they were told he was in a coma and would more than likely remain in a vegetative state. Cindy and her brother made the decision to transfer him back to Mobile to be closer to family. Not to long after she received a call from her brother that her dad had started responding to touch and commands. CRAZY! He was transferred to Providence Hospital here in Mobile where they discovered his heart was severely blocked. So he underwent a triple bypass and the next day he looked like this...
Step Out With Us!
Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes is the ADA’s signature fundraising walk. The event has been taking place for more than 20 years and has raised more than $175,000,000 to Stop Diabetes! Walk day is a huge celebration of the fundraising efforts YOU put into this event. Step Out is filled with music, food, kids activities, local entertainment and most importantly, the company of hundreds of people who truly understand the impact of diabetes.
Check back often for updates on the Step Out Walk! We will be supplying important information including fundraising ideas, kickoff event details and walk day specifics.
- See more at:
The power of prayer and the will to live is an amazing thing.

I personally lost my dad in 1997 due to complications of diabetes. At the time of his death he had had a kidney transplant, lost both legs and 8.5 fingers. Had numerous laser eye surgeries and cataract surgeries. Among many other things, he was 50 years old. My dad was not old when he passed. He had the will to live and he lived everyday like it was his last.

So back to the show...
We talked to Carole Grant with the American Diabetes Association here in Mobile on the show. She talked about the upcoming Step Out:Walk to Stop Diabetes coming up on October 11th. The walk will be at The University Of South Alabama Moulten Bell Tower.

The STEP OUT Walk to STOP DIABETES has been going on for 20 years and has raised more than $175,000,000 in that time. CLICK HERE to find the date of your local STEP OUT walk. 
Walk day is a huge celebration of the fundraising efforts YOU put into this event. Step Out is filled with music, food, kids activities, local entertainment and most importantly, the company of hundreds of people who truly understand the impact of diabetes.

We hope all of you local peeps will join The Fat to Fit Radio Show on October 11th at USA to walk and show our support for this wonderful charity. Bring the kids, your friends, and family members out for a fun day of music, food, kids activities, and most of all to show support by lacing up your walking shoes and supporting a great cause. Lets help raise as much money as we can to hopefully one day find a cure.

Here is a chart kind of explaining the difference in Type 1, Type2, and Gestational Diabetes...

If you think you may have diabetes and just really aren't sure, here are some classic signs...
Please make an appointment with a doctor if you feel like you may have experienced these classic signs.

My husband (Larisa) was diagnosed at 5 yrs old. His mom and dad noticed he urinating a lot, so they took him to the pediatrician and they diagnosed him with Type 1 diabetes. At the age of 32 he now wears an insulin pump. The pump has really given him the freedom he didn't have before. If you have diabetes, I would def look into it.

We also gave you some tips on running with diabetes, here are the eight tips from The Joslin Diabetes Center

Eight Tips for Running with Diabetes

“Walking is for everyone and provides tremendous health benefits,” says Michael See, M.S., R.C.E.P., a clinical exercise physiologist at Joslin. “Jogging is a great form of exercise for individuals who prefer to participate in a more vigorous exercise program,” he adds. The following are his tips to get the benefits of a healthy running program:
1. Get your doctor’s clearance. People with diabetes should consult their health care providers if they want to go beyond purposeful walking, to make sure that they are not at risk for cardiovascular, orthopedic or other problems.
2. Walk before you run. Go from walking to running in a gradual process. Begin with purposeful walking (for half an hour or so), then combine walking and jogging, and then increase the jogging.
3. Wear the right footwear. Consult with an expert when you buy the shoes. Make sure that they fit well and are appropriate for running.
4. Dress appropriately. Dress in layers; wear absorbent materials close to skin to wick away perspiration and an outer layer to protect you from the wind and other elements. Wear a reflective vest if you’re out at night.
5. Find a partner or role model. Look in your community for running groups or clubs. Invite your neighbor or colleague to join together during lunch. If you’re interested in going the distance and even maybe running a marathon, pair up with someone who has done it.
6. Keep a goal in mind. You may want to set your sights on an event such as a five-kilometer road race for charity.
7. Have a plan for managing your diabetes. Measure your blood sugar before and after the activity (and during it, if needed). Carry juice, a sports drink, a piece of fruit or glucose tablets. Keep a training log, recording your miles and your blood glucose readings.
8. Listen to your body. Starting gradually and being consistent are the secrets to improving your health and fitness, avoiding injury and managing your blood sugar levels.

We hope that you guys enjoyed a more serious show. Diabetes is everywhere. Everyone knows someone that has or will have Diabetes in their life. Lets make a difference.

Thanks again for all of your support for the show. We would love to hear from you. Check out the @FattoFitRadio website HERE!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Reebok SPARTAN RACE World Championships, SPARTAN Cruise, and Giveaway!

Obstacle racing in the U.S. is getting bigger and bigger every year. There are so many different types of "obstacle" racing. But the one race that everyone recognizes is the Reebok SPARTAN RACE series.

Yeah, you guys know the one that you jump over actual fire at the end. (Thanks Jennifer and Jake for modeling this. LOL!)
Well I have some amazing NEWS from the awesome people over at SPARTAN Headquarters. On September 21st, Reebok SPARTAN is taking over the mountains of Vermont for the official Reebok SPARTAN race Vermont BEAST!

Race Information

The 2013 Reebok Spartan Race World Championship was an event for the ages. The 2014 event returns to Killington VT in order to once again push racers past their limits as they fight for glory.

Distance: 13+ miles, fastest time should be around 180 minutes. Those who can climb well will be rewarded. If you have done any race anywhere in the world: whether a mud run, fun run, Olympic run, bike race, death march or any kind of event claiming to be the "toughest race on the planet" you will be happy to know that this is where it ends..THIS IS THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SPARTAN BEAST...Step up and get out of your comfort zone, many will arrive, but few will leave!

Spectators: Want a front row seat to all the Spartan action? You'll receive $5 Spartan bucks redeemable at the merchandise tent, entry to the rocking festival area, a festival grounds map, access to some of the obstacles on course, not to mention the epic Gladiator pit and finish line. Enjoy the music and watch your friends and loved ones slip and slide through the Spartan course in the relative safety and comfort of the Spartan Race festival grounds!
Spectator Pricing: $20 online. $25 onsite (CASH ONLY).

Registration to compete in the race is still opened, so if you are ready to test how tough you are you can sign up below. However if you are not mentally ready for the BEAST you can spectate or better yet volunteer. If You will be anywhere near Killington Vermont the weekend of September 20th, you are going to want to go and watch this competition. Take your friends, family, kids, neighbor, whomever to see some of the worlds toughest people compete to become HEAD BEAST!

If you are like me and live nowhere near Vermont, Reebok SPARTAN races are televised on NBC Sports Channel.
Reebok Spartan Race Television Schedule: (All times ET)
Tues., July 22Tuxedo, N.Y.NBCSN11 p.m.
Tues., August 19Palmerton, Pa.NBCSN9 p.m.
Sat., September 13Washougal, Wash.NBCSN2 p.m.
Tues., September 23Amesbury, Mass.NBCSN10 p.m.
Sat., October 25Wintergreen, Va.NBCSN12:30 p.m.
Sun., November 16Killington, Vt.NBC3 p.m.
As you can see the World Championships in Vermont will be televised on November 16th. I will be tuning in, I hope you guys will be too.
If you thought that the SPARTAN BEAST World Championship was amazing, wait till you see what else they have coming up...
That right you guys Reebok SPARTAN is taking you guys on the high seas.

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas will host the first ever Obstacle Course Race on a private tropical island! The beautiful beach landscape will challenge Spartans during the day while the cruise and island activities will provide plenty to do after the race is done, including a post-race party and BBQ.
On Friday, March 6th, set sail from the Port of Miami and rest up before your adventure (you’ll need it!) – Next, Saturday morning will face you with a challenging course where you’ll navigate through sand, water, signature Spartan obstacles, as well as new, exclusive island-inspired challenges!
Cruise with Joe DeSena to a private island in the Bahamas for the ultimate tropical island Spartan Race! The SPARTAN CRUISE is a deluxe Caribbean Cruise that will feature a Private Island Race specially designed by Joe DeSena.
The race will be a Sprint – a 3+ mile/ 15 OBSTACLE  - the shorter Sprint presents plenty for the hardcore Elite to test themselves and is a good starter race for new Spartans. Although the race is included in the cost of your cruise, you do not have to join the race to join the cruise! This is a vacation!! Bring your family, friends and the kids too!

What’s Included:
-3 day cruise
-3 ½ mile Sprint Race with 15 obstacles – Course designed by Joe DeSena
-$50,000 prize pool for Elite Racers*
-Onboard entertainment
-Book signing by Joe DeSena
-Guest speakers
-Award ceremony, finisher’s medal and professional photo and video
-Kids Jr. Spartan race (ages 4-13)
-Kids travel  FREE* (up to 17 years of age at time of booking)
-Spartan Cruise tshirt
-Full day at Great Stirrup Cay for lounging and playing with family and friends
* The first 200 racers that sign up for the "Elite" wave will be eligible for the $50,000.00 prize pool! The 200 spots will be on a first come, first serve basis.

*KIDS TRAVEL FREE* Children 17 and under at the time of booking are Free* but are required to pay the Port Charges/Taxes/ Gratuities/Admin Fee/Cancelation and Medical Emergency Insurance: $288.00 per child - *ONLY if they are the 3rd or 4th passenger in the cabin.  Otherwise, they will pay full price.
All over the country we put on different kinds of events, all designed for specific styles of racing and fun. Now we are bringing our events to an all-new venue - Great Stirrup Cay. Whatever your level or goals, whether you are a determined champion looking to take home top honors or a member of a team of 30 friends looking to just have a blast, the Spartan cruise is just right for you!

WOW, you cant beat that. What is even better is Reebok SPARTAN RACE is having a cruise giveaway. #BOOMMMMMMMMM...
Announcing the Reebok Spartan Race Spartan Cruise Sweepstakes! No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Winner will receive a trip for two including airfare, a 3 day Spartan Cruise, and an entry into the ultimate tropical island Spartan Race!
Hurry and enter below now and if you win you can take me:) Just kidding (or not) :)!


And last but not least the awesome guys over at SPARTAN RACE media want to give one of you guys a free entry into any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any 2014 Spartan Race in the Continental US. Just enter below...
a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway will be open to all U.S. Residents from 8/15/14 to midnight 8/24/14. GOOD LUCK!

I hope that you guys will continue to support great races in the U.S. including the Reebok SPARTAN RACE series. It all about the FUN!


I was given one  free entry into any 2014 open SPARTAN RACE in the Continental U.S. for a giveaway. No other compensation was given. As always all opinions are mine. 

Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and Swimming with Paddles...

I love for my kids to come home from school and tell me about their day. It is one of the highlights of my day. Although sometimes I don't think THEY want to come home and tell me about it, lol!
I know that they are hungry as soon as they walk in the door. I try to keep healthy snack options around the house. Usually its fruit or granola bars. It has to be something quick and easy because we are normally heading out the door to swim team and football practice.

Today my kids wanted cookies so I decided to make my super easy recipe for my flourless oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
 photo 72273ca0-0fd4-43b6-93a7-4a0b404f18e1_zps94a34929.jpg

We don't use flour in this house ever. I have found many ways to get around using it. Lately I have been using oat flour. Bob Mills makes a great oat flour but its kind of expensive. So I make my own using good old fashioned oatmeal.

Its pretty simple to make oat flour, just take the oats and put them in a food processor...
NOTE: 1 cup oats makes about 3/4cup oat flour
 photo 84785140-87bf-4aa8-8a80-2aa7b93e6ae1_zpsfc8d1903.jpg

Blend until you have a powdery "flour" mixture...
 photo 61f90b28-06ea-4532-8e8a-d7e277abb40c_zpse87f0ef0.jpg

Now you have your oat flour made. Here is my recipe...

Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Preheat oven 350 degrees

1 1/2 cups oat flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup coconut sugar (or any sugar of your choice)
(You can also sub 1/4 cup of honey)

3/4 cup almond milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup melted coconut oil

Chocolate chips (choice) I used Ghiradelli 80% cacao chips

Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl. (you can sift if you want, I don't :)
 photo 2f8ff791-49aa-48ed-b7b1-0ac2237b9968_zps04e5d30e.jpg

Then add all wet ingredients into dry and mix until completely mixed. Then fold in chocolate chips...
 photo 422fa2be-9dfc-48a5-96e5-197b0ef66bd1_zps8501b982.jpg

Place mixture in fridge for about 5-10 minutes to set. Spoon mixture onto cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes or until they are golden brown on the edge. (Yields about 9 good size cookies).
These are perfect healthy snack for kids that love cookies (or adults, heehee).
 photo 9ad02193-5d6e-42e0-ba09-ee707ff10ead_zps95d4bfd3.jpg

My kids absolutely love them. Super easy and super clean! You can make a batch of these in under 20 minutes. QUICK!

If you decide to make them, I would love to hear how you like them. Drop me a comment or hit me up on Instagram or Twitter at @0to26point2.

On the training side, I have been hitting the pool pretty heavy this week. I have been training with my new Vortex paddles. It is a killer workout. I would suggest any of you guys doing any kind of swim training to buy a set of paddles. You wont be sorry...
 photo 70d8011c-7311-49a9-b681-1228cbc13593_zpsa196b88e.jpg

I am really loving the what swim training is doing to my shape. I am not so much about having that "perfect bikini body" however I do want to look and feel good in my own skin...
 photo 5be1ceb9-fccc-4e03-9533-195a707149ec_zpsf04f1112.jpg

I hope you guys have a great weekend and make sure to listen to The Fat to Fit Radio Show at 7:30am this Saturday on News Talk Radio 710AM or on IHEARTRADIO.