Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My weekend in Phoenix...

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I am back home from a wonderful vacation trip to Phoenix AZ. I love going and visiting my inlaws. My husband has 7 brothers and sisters, so its a huge thing for all of them to be together. We flew out there to celebrate his little brothers 21st birthday. It was a pretty special weekend with this guy...
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Donald, Hannah, and I were able to get a few hikes in before leaving for the ZONA resort to celebrate.
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I love that his family is so active. I have been out there a couple times for races and mountain hikes. Hannah and I on one of our morning ventures...
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We ended up going to a comedy show Friday night that was a lot of fun.
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The next morning we went and stayed at the ZONA resort for the weekend to celebrate.

ZONA will be closing next month for a year long renovation, so it was not crowded which was nice. Especially when your party alone is 14 people strong. LOL! One of the great things about the ZONA was that the pool opened at 6 am, so I was able to get a morning swim in. They have a HUGE pool, so laps were no problem. I was able to swim for an hour without any interruptions.
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I have been reviewing the MISFIT Wearables SHINE for a couple weeks now and I am loving it. I will have a full review soon on the blog. Stay tuned for that, I know your going to love it.
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Luckily they also had a great fitness center on site. The whole family joined in for a morning workout...
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I snagged a quick mirror photo with my mother n law Karen, sister n law Sarah, and her friend Katie after a great sweat session. They look amazing. Like I said before I am so happy that they are so active.
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We hung out at the pool pretty much the whole weekend. It was great to just relax and enjoy my vacation with the hubby.

We ran into a few friends out in the desert. This baby side winder was chillin at the hotel also. Although it was cool to see, where theres a baby theres a mama! NO THANKS!
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I was able to really stick to clean eating while I was out in Phoenix. I think besides splitting a doughtnut with my mother n law on morning and a few french fries at Red Robin, I stuck pretty much to proteins, fruits, and vegis. It felt great. One of my favorite meals was the kale salad at ZONA. It was topped with pumpkin seeds and goat cheese. DELICIOUS!
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I had a great time with my husband on vacation. Its very rare we get time to vacation without our kids, so it was amazing. Donald and I are so used to super active vacations that relaxing at the pool for 2 straight days felt a little strange but definitely needed.  I owe everything I have to this wonderful man of mine. HES AMAZING!
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Now I'm back and in full TRI training mode.

Did you have a great weekend? Did you move?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

6 Pack Bag winner announced...

Hey guys I am still on vacation today until 2:30 when my plane leaves Phoenix headed back to good ole Alabama. So I am living it up!

I just wanted to stop in and announce our winner of our 6 Pack Fitness Camille Bag

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Friday, July 18, 2014



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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Healthier Fruit Snack Recipe and I'm Leaving on a Jet PLane!

I am headed out this evening on a jet plane top Phoenix AZ! I am excited to be celebrating my brother-n-law Davids,  21st birthday in style! I love this guy...
 photo IMG_20131229_181720_zpscf8gxzts.jpg
So since I will be packing an getting kids where they need to be, I thought I would give you guys a really quick recipe you can do with your kids. Or with adults if you so choose too, lol...
Sugar Free JELLO Fruit snacks. Super easy, we are talking 3 ingredients! BAMMMM!
2 boxes of JELLO ( I used sugar free raspberry)
1 packet of Knox Gelatin
1/3 cup of water
(You could sub fruit juice for the water to add in extra vitamins) 
Boil, stirring constantly till mixed.
Pour in to ice trays or jello molds.
Let sit out on the counter for about 45 minutes.
And you have....
Here is what they look like individually:)

I doubled the recipe to make enough to equal an average size 10 ct box of kids fruit snacks.
Then I did the nutrition count on both and compared:
I like being able to cut down on the sugar for my kids. This is definitely something that I will continue to do throughout the school year for them. They love them. Now I just need to kind some small enough bags for them:)

I am going to use the regular Jello and make some and try fueling with them, should be interesting.

I hope you enjoy this easy recipe and make your own. If you do make sure to send me a pic on Facebook or Twitter. While you are there make sure to LIKE and FOLLOW me. I will return the favor.
Don't forget @FattoFitRadio is giving away an awesome Camille bag from 6 Pack Bags, you can enter HERE!
I'm headed to pack and Ill see ya in Phoenix...
Do you have a healthy snack recipe? I would love to see it!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My first 100 days of weight loss remembered and my next goal...

January 25 2011, was the first day I took control of my life.
That was me at 224lbs.
Yes, I was BIG everywhere! I knew that I could get in shape if I wanted too. I had a fitness background, so I knew what I had to do to get where I wanted to meant good ole fashion counting calories (calories in, calories out), upping my protein, and watching my sugar and sodium intake. Now for some of you this may not work, but for me it does. I kept my calories around a 1300 daily eating 6 times a day at at least 200 calories a piece, I ate protein after workouts and at night for muscle recovery and clean complex carbs all day. YES, I said carbs. My carbs are usually at least 100 day, NO low/no carb diets ever work for sustainable weightloss and muscle building, (if it does for you, great, keep doing it. And when you pass out after a hard workout, you'll wish you would have listened). Moral of the story is, no matter what you do exercise wise, it is 80% HOW and WHAT you eat...have you ever heard of skinny fat? They either didn't eat and lost weight, or they ate the wrong foods and exercised heavily...As far as eating my calories back, I know it is a huge debate, but this is my outlook on it...listen to your body, if needs fuel, and you'll know, than feed it the extra calories, if it doesn't, don't. There have been days that I have needed more carbs after a workout or at night before bed and I eat them but everyone is different. You can agree with me or not agree with me, that's fine, but it doesn't work for me. Purposely eating more food even if it is good food to reach a number is not good if my body doesn't need it. ENOUGH on that touchy subject
Training, well I try and do at least 45 minutes of heavy cardio 5 days a week. Normally I take the weekends off from the gym, but still may do a race. Or I try to do something outdoors with my kids, they love fitness. As far as lifting weights, I lift heavy in the gym. No I don't look like a man, so for all of you scared of that, get over it and go tear your muscle up with some heaviness right now! weight training also speeds your metabolism up and helps you burn calories up to 39 hours after you are done, now why would you not do it?
I decided to do a 100 day challenge and these are the results.
My first 100 days...
I took pictures pretty much every 10 days to keep track of my progress. It was really cool watching my body change. Pictures say a 1000 words.
After 100 days this is what the comparison was.
3 years later I am still at that 180lb number. I am declaring tomorrow a new start day. Stay tuned for day 1 picture. I would love to lose about 30 more lbs. It would put me at about 155lbs and that would put me back in competition weight. So I hope you guys will stick with me and encourage me as I take this journey. Maybe to the stage?

Did you lose a lot of weight?
How did you do it?
Any advice on the road to the stage?

Monday, July 14, 2014

6 Pack Fitness Bag Giveaway ...

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

6 Pack Bag Giveaway with Fat to Fit Radio with Cindy and Larisa...

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Hey guys, we hope you listened to The Fat to Fit Radio show with Cindy and Larisa this morning. Eating healthy while traveling can be easier and cheaper on the wallet if you just plan ahead. We are always on the go and taking healthy foods with us just makes since.

We talked about teaming up with 6 Pack Bags this morning. Here is the info you need to start sharing those recipes. We are excited to see what post. Good Luck!

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Make sure to get those recipes tagged, GOOD LUCK!