Thursday, December 15, 2016

Running Again and a Cheesy Taco Guac-Pico recipe...

Hey guys I am so excited to start my run training today. Its been a long time since I really focused on running and trust me when I say, its not pretty, lol!

I feel so lucky to have lots of friends that are amazing runners. My great friend Lane wrote me a running schedule for the next couple months. I have a couple really big races next year and I really want to PR my 5k and half marathon times. Fingers crossed!

So last night I got my training schedule wrote up...

 photo IMG_20150722_205326_zps0ei6s7bp.jpg

I am super excited to tell you guys about some amazing events that I have coming up, so stay tuned...

I posted a picture yesterday on social media of my Cheese only guac-pico tacos and many of you asked for the recipe so here it is...

Cheese only Guac-Pico Tacos

 photo IMG_20150721_235135_zps7pbwahfv.jpg

Shredded cheese

Place a layer of cheese in a circle in a pan on med heat. Heat till its bubbling...

 photo a437713c-7f3e-4ca9-a8a0-4cf93139b736_zpsicwmgf85.jpg

Flip with a flat spatula and cook other side...

 photo 943fa239-3466-4e11-b7cb-d4de00c0de0a_zpshnhhncyo.jpg

When the other side is crispy, quickly drape the cheese "patty" over a spatula handle and set it up to harden. (sorry its a little blurry, I had another one cooking, so I just snapped a quick pic...

 photo f06eb7f9-3118-49a9-a446-2d7bde179478_zpsjyrcwt0p.jpg

After a few minutes hanging, the cheese will harden forming a perfect taco shell...

 photo e508c831-3ff7-4782-bc75-ab4172ad3c26_zpsyarsdicu.jpg

You can at this point use them however you would like. I made fresh Guac-Pico to fill them with. Here is my guac-pico recipe...


 photo 20150721_144338_zpstcmwxttv.jpg

3 large avocados
3 roma tomatoes, chopped
1/2 small red onion, chopped
handful of cilantro, chopped
half lime squeezed or tbsp of lime juice
celery salt

Mix all ingredients in a bowl...

 photo 20150721_151057_zpszo8m9o8r.jpg

Fill shells with Guac-Pico and enjoy...

 photo 5c214a7d-d41c-45b5-bce6-730ce5ff170c_zpsridnjiwv.jpg

You could also use them with lots of other fillings. Eggs and sausage in the morning for a breakfast taco, you could do traditional tacos with meat and vegis. Fish tacos also sound amazing also. I say play around with it, The shell itself is so easy and quick to make, I made all 4 in less then 5 minutes.

If you decide to make them, I would love to see your pictures. Tag me @ 0to26point2

Do you have a non traditional taco shell recipe?

Monday, December 12, 2016

7 fat burning foods for winter

Dark Chocolate (my fave)
Your favorite indulgence actually includes two ingredients that are known to boost metabolism: caffeine and the antioxidant catechin. Just make sure you stick to a small square a day so the sugar and calories don’t outweigh dark chocolate’s fat-burning potential. I have always loved dark chocolate up to about 78%. The darker the better.
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes may just be your cold-weather fat-burning secret. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber, which helps keep you feeling full while burning calories by putting your digestive system to work. And they also contain a hormone that helps regulate your blood sugar. Stick with a simply seasoned boiled or steamed sweet potatoes-not a sugary dessert-if you are eating for weight loss. You can also slice them thin, add cinnamon and bake them for a crispy "chip".

Cinnamon has been found to help lower blood sugar levels. This is the time of year when cinnamon is often found in most dishes, and that’s a good thing: the warming Fall spice has been shown to slow digestion and regulate blood sugar to boost your metabolism. I personally add cinnamon to everything pretty much, smoothies, yogurt, fruit, cooked meat, soups, cereal, EVERYTHING! LOL

You can find various types of pears throughout the Fall and Winter, and there’s a reason to stock up: pears, like apple, contain high levels of pectin, which binds to water and limits the amount of fat your body absorbs. Pears are one of those fruits I think we forget about. I love slicing a pear, coring it, and adding coconut oil and cinnamon, and baking it! The kids love ot and it is such a great dessert for those cold nights.

Turkey, Pork, Chicken
Lean protein, like turkey, pork, or chicken can keep you burning fat all day. Lean protein can make your stomach full and it takes energy to digest, which means increasing metabolism. Make sure to go for skinless breast meat to keep the calories down. I always keep pre boiled chicken in my fridge for a healthy quick snack or to throw in a salad or stir fry for a quick dinner.

This citrus is prime for picking in Autumn and Winter, so stock up. Grapefruit is an excellent source of soluble fiber, which can help you stay fuller, longer, while eating less. Try tossing grapefruit segments in a hearty salad for lunch (along with grapefruit vinaigrette). I am not a huge grapefruit fan, but if you like them def add them to your diet. You could also add most other citrus fruits to your diet for almost the same benefits.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Time, Dasani Drops Holiday Craft, and My Daughters Busy Week...

The holidays are finally here you guys! My kids have been driving me nuts about getting the Christmas decorations up, so last night I finally got the lights outside up and my new mantle decorated...
 photo 20141202_211345_zpshnnedupu.jpg 

I haven't painted my mantle yet because I am not sure what color. Any ideas?

This weeks training has been kind of slow. I have kept up my running streak and have done 1 mile a day but that's it. So my training this week has been a total of 4 miles. LOL! After finally ending football this past weekend, I went straight into stage mom mode. My daughter is in the play Babes in Toyland, here at the Saenger Theater this week. We have had dress rehearsals every night plus she has had swim practice. AHHHHHHH! Her show only runs for 2 days, so after Friday we are done. I am super excited about seeing her perform...

I wanted to show you guys an awesome DIY teacher gift we are doing this year. I have been reviewing the  new Dasani drops for a Fitfluential campaign and they are great. I have been putting them in EVERYTHING from water to greek yogurt to the new Dasani Sparkling water. So I thought why not make Dasani Drops lip gloss...
 photo 20141119_214226_zpsncekrtvf.jpg

All you need is Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline), a cute container, edible glitter, and your favorite Dasani Drops flavor. I chose Pineapple Coconut. Also if you are wanting the same bottles I used, I got them at Hobby Lobby in the craft section. They have a lot of mini glass containers to choose from.

In a glass container melt enough Petroleum Jelly in the microwave to fill your container. I melted it at 1 minute increments and stirred until it was completely melted. Then add Dasani Drops. I added 2 full squeezes. Its completely up to you. Stirred until it was completely dissolved. It will take a little while stirring because of it being hot. After it is fully mixed, add edible glitter, stir, and than pour into your containers. Refrigerate for about 20 minutes or until it is back in "jelly" form.

I bought initial stickers and cute ribbon and made them look super cute. I hope they like them.
 photo ffb4877e-27db-4734-bb09-f0112eedd6b3_zpsec112d7f.jpg 

The flavors you can make are endless. you can use drops or powdered koolaids. Here are some of the flavors we made...
 photo 20141119_220933_zpsvetgsbql.jpg 

I bought empty kids paint containers and jewelry holders to make Cadences friends their own mini lip glosses...
 photo 20141119_221247_zpsttg3l6mt.jpg

If you decide to make these, I would love to see pictures of the flavors you chose.

After this week, life will slow down and I can get back to my training. YAYYYY! Until then I am going to enjoy my kids, my husband, and my new flavored EXTRA gum...
 photo IMG_20141202_184130_zpsefotkgsv.jpg 


Whats your favorite DIY craft for teachers?
Favorite EXTRA flavor?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Traveling with kids during the season with Best Buy...

Hey guys, the holiday season is coming FAST! Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, it seems like the end of the year is just one big long holiday.
My favorite part of the holiday season is traveling with my kids because they are out of school. We try to take the kids somewhere every year either on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Last year we went to Panama City FL for Thanksgiving so Willie could play in a football tournament.

 photo 20141129_085921_zpsvjhmwwfa.jpg

And the year before we took a long road trip to Phoenix AZ for Christmas...

 photo d829755e-b469-4dce-bdde-1a145a2f75a2_zpslizbml4g.jpg

So I started thinking that this year I wanted do something a little closer to home, adventurous, and different. Mainly because my husband cant take off work for the holidays, so we cant go far. I started thinking about little things we could do locally and I found some great ideas on the Best Buy website.
One of my favorite ideas was to buy the kids their own small cameras and go on a scavenger hunt with them. How cool is that?

Best Buy: Before your kids get too restless on the next family road trip, hand them point and shoot cameras, then throw a fun challenge at them: a photo scavenger hunt. Have the family create a list of ten things everyone needs to photograph before the trip is over. Extra points for verified Bigfoot photos.

I was searching on and found these great cameras for my kids for only $21.99...

Bell+Howell - Dc5R Red Kids Digital Camera 5 Megapixels Fun Flix Kids Digital Camera - Red

Another great idea from Best Buy was to have "Middle of Nowhere" Movies. A lot of people have kids that are not really outdoorsy, you know the ones that don't like to go outside and would rather watch TV. So why not take them camping and have a movie night outside...

Best Buy: A mobile hotspot means Internet connectivity for multiple devices, wherever there's a cell signal. Kick your camping experience up a notch with your very own outdoor streaming theater. A hotspot, a laptop, a Wi-Fi smart projector, plus some camper's ingenuity and you're watching your favorite travel flicks in no time. S'mores and popcorn recommended.

I found a great portable projector on Best Buy for only $188. I definitely think this will be on our Christmas list year. WE could use this mot only camping but in our own backyards.

AAXA - P2 Jr. Pico DLP Projector - Gloss White/Black

Do you have any great ideas that you use when traveling or vacationing with your kids? 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

CCC10k "Run For It" Program...

Ok guys it's almost time for one of my most favorite race, the Crescent City Classic 10k in gorgeous New Orleans, LA. This years race will be on March 26th, 2016. I am super excited to be heading up the Official CCC10k bloggers for the 4th year in a row. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on all things CCC10k. Today I wanted to tell you guys about the "Run For It" program that the CCC10k has every year...
The "Run For It" Program is the Official Charity Program of the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic.  The goal of the "Run For It" Program is to raise $1 million annually and serve the Greater New Orleans area needs.  Each year, the Crescent City Fitness Foundation selects local charities to support and partner with for the 10k race, by donating 100 charity bib numbers (guaranteed race entries) to each Charity Partner for the following year's Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic.  

Official Charity Partners recruit and form teams of 100 charity runners/walkers, who can commit to raising a minimum of $200 for their charity by race day (March 26, 2016).  Official Charity Runners receive various perks and incentives for joining the program, including a personal online fundraising page.  All of the money raised will be donated directly to and benefit our selected charity partners.

Charity Runner Perks & Incentives:

  • Unique Charity bib number, with First Name if you register by Jan. 1st
  • Unique Charity race t-shirt
  • Prime starting location on race day in the "Charity Corral" positioned right behind Seeded Runners
  • Access to nice bathrooms race morning in Champions Square
  • Access to Charity Team's Private Party tent after the race, with refreshments provided by your Charity
  • Plus prizes for highest fundraisers per team and overall!

Charity Registration is now open!  Choose a charity to support at CCC10k, then create your fundraising page.  Although we do not take any registration fees from charity runners, we ask that each runner raise at least $200 by race day for their selected charity.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's that time...

These are the smartest words I have read ever. As bloggers, I think we get caught up in our daily social media lives that we forget about living. After weeks of traveling and racing last year, I needed a mental break from everything. I had such a wonderful 2015, and I knew that I needed to make time for myself and be in the " NOW" for my husband and kids through the holidays. SOOOOO that's what I did. Two months of no writing or training and it felt great. Yes, I now have weight to lose and muscle to build, but it was totally worth it.

So what now?

Its time to get back to what makes me happy, TRAINING, RUNNING, SWIMMING, EVERYTHING!!!

So I am happy to be back and giving you guys all the run down on everything that is

HOPE YOU READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trail running with Runners World and ALTRA running...

One of the title sponsors of the 2015 Runner's World Festival and Half was ALTRA running!

 photo 49726efa-faee-4180-a740-edac8d95880e_zps2drlqu6w.jpg

They have been the official shoe for the RWhalf since the beginning. I was lucky enough to have met them back in 2012 at the very first RWhalf when they were a fairly new company. Like this year they also fitted us in a pair of their super comfortable shoes.

So seeing them again and getting fitted for the 2nd time by the actual owners Golden and Jeremy was super cool.

 photo 20151015_173310_zpsz1yha6yy.jpg

This year I was fitted into the ALTRA Paradigm 1.5's.

Introducing the Paradigm 1.5™—the only max-cushioned, Zero Drop™ neutral shoe with a FootShape™ toe box. It's the ideal shoe for runners seeking lightweight, max protection that encourages low-impact form. The impressive Zero Drop™ platform features super lightweight, dual-layer EVA foam and an A-Bound™ top layer for a relaxed and protected foot strike. Additional flare on the medial side of the shoe acts like a guidance rail to keep your feet stable when they get tired. The FootShape™ toe box creates an incredibly cozy slip-on feel and superior in-run comfort by letting your toes relax and spread out naturally. Don't sacrifice cushioning for less weight—have both with the new Paradigm 1.5. (Source: Altra Running)

I was really excited to learn about all of the new technology they have put into their shoes. We had a great meeting with them that involved checking out all of their new shoes for the road and trails...

 photo IMG_8488_zps3vyj8cne.jpg

One of the really cool things about all of the shoes was how light they are. My Paradigm's weigh 8 oz, crazy! That is less than my cell phone weighs. 

 photo IMG_20151016_101839_zpsa9sl1ju5.jpg
ALTRA was sponsoring the RW trail run that afternoon, so we were going to have a chance to try out our new ALTRA shoes on the trails. The Paradigm is not considered a "trail" shoe, but they told me that they would be just fine on the trails, so I went with it.

David and I showing off our ALTRA shoes on the trails. You learn a lot about yourself when you try new things. For me trail running down here in the south consist of some dirt in the woods. But in Pennsylvania, trail running is up and down a mountain with rocks. So slow it was!

This was coming up the last hill of the race. And it was literally straight up! I know you can't tell but that hill steep. You can see it all over my face, I was done!

Finishing the 3.8 mile trail run with a smile...

It was really cool spending the afternoon up on the mountain and seeing the views at the finish line. You can see here how far up the mountain we were...

 photo 99f9815b-d8cd-4d86-b0b2-63fb7fddfb32_zpspcnjingm.jpg

Thanks to REI for supplying us with an awesome finishers bag and stainless water bottle for finishing the trail run. They were our medals for the day :)

So I bet your wondering how my ALTRA Paradigm shoes did out on the mountain trail? PERFECT
It was a very rocky trail run that was very steep and some points. I never lost ,y footing or felt like I was slipping. Great job ALTRA, I am def a fan.

If you are ready to check out all of the shoes and gear ALTRA has to offer, you can connect with them at You can find them on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER also.

If you are excited about checking out the Runner's World half weekend next year, you can now register for 2016. Click the banner below to register.

For $140, you can run the GRAND SLAM which is all 4 races, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and the 3.8 mile trail run. That is a steal, so sign up soon to take advantage of the GRAND SLAM!

I look forward to seeing all of the you in Bethleham, PA next year! Until then...

I was given race entry, travel, and accommodations for the rwhalf  and the Paradigm shoes from ALTRA running. No other compensation was given. As always all opinions are my own.