Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Traveling with kids during the season with Best Buy...

Hey guys, the holiday season is coming FAST! Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, it seems like the end of the year is just one big long holiday.
My favorite part of the holiday season is traveling with my kids because they are out of school. We try to take the kids somewhere every year either on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Last year we went to Panama City FL for Thanksgiving so Willie could play in a football tournament.

 photo 20141129_085921_zpsvjhmwwfa.jpg

And the year before we took a long road trip to Phoenix AZ for Christmas...

 photo d829755e-b469-4dce-bdde-1a145a2f75a2_zpslizbml4g.jpg

So I started thinking that this year I wanted do something a little closer to home, adventurous, and different. Mainly because my husband cant take off work for the holidays, so we cant go far. I started thinking about little things we could do locally and I found some great ideas on the Best Buy website.
One of my favorite ideas was to buy the kids their own small cameras and go on a scavenger hunt with them. How cool is that?

Best Buy: Before your kids get too restless on the next family road trip, hand them point and shoot cameras, then throw a fun challenge at them: a photo scavenger hunt. Have the family create a list of ten things everyone needs to photograph before the trip is over. Extra points for verified Bigfoot photos.

I was searching on and found these great cameras for my kids for only $21.99...

Bell+Howell - Dc5R Red Kids Digital Camera 5 Megapixels Fun Flix Kids Digital Camera - Red

Another great idea from Best Buy was to have "Middle of Nowhere" Movies. A lot of people have kids that are not really outdoorsy, you know the ones that don't like to go outside and would rather watch TV. So why not take them camping and have a movie night outside...

Best Buy: A mobile hotspot means Internet connectivity for multiple devices, wherever there's a cell signal. Kick your camping experience up a notch with your very own outdoor streaming theater. A hotspot, a laptop, a Wi-Fi smart projector, plus some camper's ingenuity and you're watching your favorite travel flicks in no time. S'mores and popcorn recommended.

I found a great portable projector on Best Buy for only $188. I definitely think this will be on our Christmas list year. WE could use this mot only camping but in our own backyards.

AAXA - P2 Jr. Pico DLP Projector - Gloss White/Black

Do you have any great ideas that you use when traveling or vacationing with your kids? 

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