Thursday, September 17, 2015

Loving your body no matter what size you are... with tasc PERFORMANCE!

The love your body movement has been growing and growing every year. The days of people striving to be super skinny, or super athletic just to fit in to society are starting to go away. THANKS GOODNESS! We just all need to be one word... HEALTHY!


Lord knows I have been all over the scale board. I have that type of body that if I don't workout I will be 200lbs overnight. However 200lbs and a size 16 doesn't look too bad, right?

Now when I am in great athletic shape from training, training, and more training, I am a comfortable size 14 at 175lbs. Also not too bad...

What some people don't understand is that you don't have to be a size 0 to look amazing. Yes, there are some people who are a size 0 that look amazing, but for the majority of us, that's just not reality!

It doesn't matter how much you weigh as long as you are healthy and happy!

So it really makes me happy that more and more companies are starting to realize that woman come in all shapes and sizes. And that guess what at 200lbs we may be healthy and happy, SHOCKING!

One of the hardest thing when you are a size 12 and up is finding cute, functional workout clothes. A really great friend of mine Leah Frazier started working at this amazing company called tasc Performance...

A little history about tasc...
tasc Performance was brought to life in 2009 with one mission: the reinvention of performance apparel. The New Orleans-based company was founded and is operated by the Andrews family, which has a 40-year legacy in the garment industry. After years of dealing with the compromises of polyester athletic apparel – skin irritation, bad odor and more – Al Andrews, former Tulane University basketball standout (All SEC '65-'66) charged his son Todd with the difficult task of finding a solution to the polyester problem. 

Over a 2+ year period of natural fiber research and textile engineering , the BamCo® (patent-pending) fabric finishing process was created. The resulting fabric hit every metric: Performance (moisture wicking, drying rate, UPF 50+), Feel (absolutely amazing), and Durability (color fastness, shape retention, easy care, anti-odor)

So when I went online and checked out tasc Performance workout wear, I was excited to learn that they have an extended size line just starting up. I'm like finally a workout company that realizes that they can sell to size 0 and to a size 30 and its ok! Check out the president Todd Andrews talking about the new extended line of tasc Performance...

Check out some of the cute pieces tasc Performance has to offer in extended sizes...

Super cute and super functional, made from the bamboo technology that tasc Performance has perfected. I am excited to order a couple pieces from tasc Performance and try them out. What is great about my size is that I can order from the both the regular line and the extended line and tell you guys all about both. So stay tuned....

Do you find it hard sometimes to find cute functional workout clothes for your size?
Are you happy with your current size?

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