Friday, September 11, 2015

RUN NINE/ELEVEN & FREEDOM 5k Virtual Run, check it out...

We are all really busy people. I mean lets face it, life is hectic and crazy no matter who you are. I have found that between football games, swim meets, and cross country meets, racing seems to have been put to the back burner. That being said I have found that doing a couple virtual races a year keeps me in the racing mode. So when the awesome Pavement Runner Brian emailed me about an awesome virtual race called RUN NINE/ELEVEN & FREEDOM 5k, I knew that I HAD to participate. Especially since ALL of the proceeds got directly to OPERATION CARE & COMFORT. Check it out...

You're probably wondering how this race works. So your first option is the NINE/ELEVEN race...

About the Run 9/11 Challenge

20 miles. 2 Days. 1 Cause. Run Nine/Eleven is a challenge to run nine miles on day one and 11 miles on day two. Starting Friday, September 11, through the end of September, thousands of people from across the country will run, walk and remember. 100% of proceeds from this event go to Operation: Care and Comfort. This is a Run Local event so you can choose your preferred location and time. Participate solo, invite a friend or host a local event. Whatever you do, finish what you start.

And your second option is the FREEDOM 5k...

About the 9/11 Freedom 5K

The Run Nine/Eleven Freedom 5k continues a tradition started by American military bases around the world that run/walk a 5k on the anniversary of 9/11. The Freedom 5k encourages participants from across the country including military, first responders, civilians and their families to run or walk 5k at anytime during the month of September. This is a virtual run so you can participate solo, invite a friend, or host a group run on the day and time of your choice with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Operation: Care and Comfort. Whatever you do, finish what you start.

Both registrations are $30 and after running one or both races you will enter your time in on the site. Both races earn medals and will be delivered 2-3 weeks after your time is logged in.

That's it, Super easy and a great way to show your support for OPERATION CARE AND COMFORT. Oh and did I mention that 100% of the proceeds go to OPERATION CARE AND COMFORT? 

Yep that's right 100%, so go sign up NOW!

OH wait there's more...Pavement Runner Brian has a special little discount code for you guys that will save ya'll $5. 


But wait if you feel like donating that $5 right back to the OCC, or even A LOT more than $5, you can donate at anytime HERE! 

So lets all get signed up and run our 9/11 miles or our 3.1 miles to honor this great charity... 


Have you ever participated in any virtual races?

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