Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Epic 22 mile race weekend ! Runners World Recap

Sometimes as a runner we get to do races that we only see in the magazines. If you get Runners World magazine you would have see that the were going to actually host their own race. Yeah, what runner wouldn't want to attend that race? def not this one!
The fact that this race was in Pennsylvania and I live in Alabama, the reality was that I probably wasn't going to go. BUT, being a part of the Fit Fluential family I was honored to be able to not only race in all 3 races (5k, 10k, and half), but attend 4 days of racing, learning, meeting, and dreaming. Trust me when I say I say we all needed a little pinch that weekend. It was a surreal weekend.

I have already recapped some of the great things we experienced. If you missed them here are the links...

  • When we all got word that we were able to pick the 5k, 10k, half, or The Hat Trick! I was like what is The Hat Trick? Well, The genius people over at Runners World decided to stick all 3 race together and call it The Hat Trick.
    SO I thought about it for about 2.5 seconds! GO BIG OR GO HOME!
     I knew I was going in under trained for 22 miles in 2 days, but why not? I had no big races until January planned and I knew I could run these for fun and experience.
    The Hat Trick it is...
    We were going to see this finish line 3 times!
    I was not too nervous going into any of these races because I knew I wasn't "racing" for time. Plus I knew it would be hilly and again I live on the Gulf Coast in Alabama, there are NO hills! Also I was having a hard time breathing the whole weekend, its different air!
    5K 8AM
    Lynda, Jill, and I lined up with Erin at the 10:30m/m start line. We were just hanging out waiting for the fun to start when we ran into Laura Beachy, Runners World marketing asst extraordinaire! Yeah this girl was AMAZING all weekend.
    Once it was time to start running, we were off through the beautiful street of Bethleham PA! It is gorgeous. Lynda and I stayed together for half the race and she went ahead, I was not going to push myself knowing I still had a 10k right after this race.
    Photo courtesy of the amazing Dave Mari

    I am not even sure what my time was for the 5k and honestly it didn't matter to me. I know some of you might think that's crazy, but again I was there to enjoy the races.

    10k 9:30am
    We lined up at the start for the 10k not long after the 5k ended. I was ready for this race knowing that the hills on the course were the same as the ones on the 5k.
    I was also sporting some great Oakley wear provided by Amanda. I loved the top and the pants were super comfortable. Lynda and I started the 10k together, where we decided to try and get some pictures...

    AND we did bump into Bart Yasso just riding his bike through town, JK! HE was heading up the leaders in the race.
    I have to admit coming in around 1:24ish was a little rough on my runner mentality, BUT I reminded myself I had a half marathon in the morning and we did stop and take pictures on the route:)
    Day 1 races, 9.3 miles covered! 2 races, 2 medals (the kids medal was to show you guys that they provided every child with a really cool medal also). HAPPY GIRL!

    I am sure you guys have heard a lot of us talking about SwiftWick socks, Yeah these things are amazing. I wore them Friday night and was told to wear them on Saturday for both races. So I did!
    And they were the most amazing socks I have ever wore. They didn't bunch up or lose shape. And get this we did the smell test after wearing them the whole day and they didn't smell at all! CRAZY!
    And then we all decided to wear them for the half the next day, call us crazy!
    Oh and I am wearing my beautiful turquoise shirt provided by FlexLine Hydration.
    If you are looking for the coolest hydration pack ever check them out.

    Sunday morning Half Marathon 8:30am

    I woke up feeling great Sunday morning. I knew I had not pushed myself the day before, so I was ready to run 13.1 miles. It was great to be able to hang out in the Sands Casino till about 10 minutes before start time.
    Lynda and I lined up together again:)
    Lynda is an Oiselle ambassador (Yes, I am VERY jealous, lol). I love their clothes. They have the Lori shorts that I absolutely love. You must check them out!
    Remember when I said the course was hilly? #PROOF
    Note to self next year when I come back, I WILL run up all these hills like I own them :)
    another #PROOF hill...
    I was excited to see this guy at the finish line, David Tratner. He was the man behind all of our epic weekend adventures. He made sure we were taken care of all weekend and I couldn't thank him enough.
    Here is my finish line picture...
    That's right I finished the Hat Trick and was still feeling great:)
    We were fortunate enough to have Ashley take picture of us on the course in 2 different spots.
    This is my favorite shot...
     People always tell me that the only way they would run is if something was chasing them, so to all of you...
    Thanks Ashley!
    Oh and I know you are wondering about the SwiftWick socks.
    They were perfect and they didn't smell at all!
    QOTD: Leave a comment letting me know if you really want to run the Runners World races next year?


    1. Haha I need those socks ;) Awesome hill proof! Makes me scared for next year, but if I get to go with some awesome crazy FFAs and have fun with it, bring it on! ;)

    2. Love the sock pictures. You are too funny. Congrats on an awesome weekend of racing. Those hills were not fun, I bet you will get them done next year. Nice job out there!

    3. Love this post! Way to rock your runs girl! And that picture of you with the cop car has got to be one of the best ever!

    4. Great recap! Although the hills kicked my butt I so want to run it again next year!

    5. i love how we all raised our eyebrows for this pic lol

    6. I wanted to run it this year but I did not have enough money. Hopefully next year. I would love to do something like the hat trick. Hopefully when Fitfluential opens their ambassador applications they will pick me for fun opportunities for me!