Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nokia Lumia Icon Review! Photo peeps your gonna love it...

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC and Verizon Wireless. All opinions expressed are my own!

Verizon Wireless has done it again! That's right. They have cornered the market on and amazing new phone by Nokia. Introducing the Nokia Lumia Icon...

I absolutely love the menu screen for the Icon. It makes finding everything important so easy. Right at your fingertips.
 photo 20140428_184927_zps0qiwsnq8.jpg

I have been using a Galaxy 4S for about a year and have absolutely loved it. I was interested to see how the Nokia Lumia compared.

The one thing that the Lumia has that the Galaxy doesn't is an amazing 20 megapixel front camera and video. In a recent podcast I learned that the microphone in the video will pick up the sound of what its pointed at instead of all of the background noise. I was interested in testing that out at my daughters swim meet. This is the video I took...

What you cant hear is the 500 people behind me talking and yelling for their swimmer. It was amazing. If you listen close enough you can actually hear the water as she gets closer to the camera. I was amazed by the quality of the video also as I moved (and cheered) for my baby girl swimming.

The picture quality of the Lumia is amazing also. When they say crisp pictures that exactly what you get. This picture has no filters on it. I was amazed how it focused on exactly what I wanted to capture. It has a half press shutter button. You can hold the button on the side half way in and let the phone focus on exactly the right moment you want to capture. Then press the button completely when you have the exact picture you want.
 photo 20140506_221509_zps0kwwktgt.jpg

The Nokia Lumia Icon uses the all too familiar Windows 8 operating system. Most of you guys that have or have used a computer have probably used a Windows program. This makes navigating the phone pretty simple.

Love the live tiles on the Nokia. this option makes it so easy to see whats going in each app you may have running. The Galaxy and even the Iphone will show you a number of notifications on each app. The Nokia however will actually show you a live picture of what the notification is. I love that everything that is on the phone is listed in alphabetical order makes it super easy to find what you are looking for.
 photo 20140507_114742-1_zpsdoxm8oo1.jpg

I love my Galaxy and I am starting to love my Icon. as a person who doesn't own a camera, I totally rely on my phone for capturing all of those moments that make a difference. Because of the quality of the Nokia Lumia camera and video, I will continue using the Nokia Lumia.

The only thing that I don't like about the Nokia Lumia as compared to the Galaxy is that there aren't as many apps available. I think that its a great trade off for wonderful pictures.

If you are like me and want great pictures and videos on an amazing phone that is with you all the time, check out the Nokia Lumia Icon by Verizon. You can get more info HERE.

Now go catch a memory...
 photo 20140415_155035_zpsxktmda3o.jpg

Thanks to FitFluential, LLC and Verizon Wireless for the chance to review the Nokia Lumia Icon. Again all opinions belong to 0to26point2.

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