Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Many People Did He Pass? Team TLT4C Fundraiser Recap...

I told you guys last week about a fun fundraiser I was doing at the Gulf Coast Half Marathon for my Little Things For Cancer charity.
My awesome friend Ali agreed to start last in the half marathon and for every person he passed in the race, I had a couple of sponsors donating money. So my question to you guys is how many people do you think he passed?
Here is how the race went...
We arrived in Pensacola Beach around 5:30 in the morning. YAWN! We caught up with the amazing Diane and she had our race packets ready. Then I found one of my favorite race directors, Mike! Mike and his team run The Gulf Coast Half Series, Womans Half Marathon, and the Huey P. Long Bridge Run (more about that later). They are awesome and allowed us to use the Pensacola Gulf Coast Half for the charity run.
Ali, me, and Mike at the start line.
After the National Anthem and the start of the race, Ali lined up at the start. I have not watched a bunch of races from the sidelines and I guess I never knew that there were so many people lagging behind. LOL! Ali had to wait for a few people in the chute to finally decide to start. It was fun to watch...
At around 7:05, he was off and running

1 hour 31 minutes  later Ali cam across the finish line raising close to $400 for The Little Things For Cancer. 
So how many people did he pass?
He came in 23rd out of 1,442 runners.
So he passed 1,419 people
Crazy Awesome!
The Gulf Coast Half is a great race to run on the beautiful beaches of Pensacola Beach. I thought I would show you guys the amazing medals that you get for finishing the half...

You cant go wrong with a bottle opening race medal. Most useful race medal ever.
I want to thank Ali for running the race for Team TLT4C. It was an amazing time. I also want to thank all the great people at the Gulf Coast Half for allowing us to use their race for raising funds for Team TLT4C.
If you would like to donate to my fundraising for the Marine Corp Marathon, you still can.
Go to my FUNDRAISING page and donate, every $1 counts.
You can also go to my Spreadshirt store and buy one of my super cool shirts. I would love a picture if you get one:) 

I'll even take cheesy bathroom pics like mine:)
Your Turn: Did you race for a cause this weekend?


  1. that was such an awesome idea! kudos to him for his support of TLT4C!

  2. What an amazing speedy friend! This was such a creative idea and wow what a great way to raise a good amount of funds for TLT4C!

  3. Wow, what a neat way to raise money, I've never heard of anything like it! He did a great job!