Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zombie Warfare, Say What? Zombie Run Recap!

On Saturday, I was invited to run the Zombie Run in Gulfport MS, supporting the SMILE TRAIN charity, with some of my Gulf Coast Blogger friends. Melanie, Mindy, Holly, Gina, and Heather (not pictured) went zombified!

We arrived around 8:30 to check in and get our make up done. The check in process was fairly easy. However it was a little bit disorganized. Anyways we found our way to the make up tent. They had a ton of makeup artist on hand to make us nasty and zombie-like! 

Our makeup artist was awesome she did our makeup in like 5 minutes and then told us she had only learned how to do it 30 minutes prior. This was when I was named lifeguard zombie, lol!
Mindy and I getting our zombie on. Did you know that Zombies use I phones? Yeah watch out when they come to end the world, they can GPS and find you:)

After getting our make up done we practiced our Zombie stare! What ya think?

After getting our make up done they marched us up to our Zombie spot. We were put out in this huge field and told that we were going to get shot at with Nerf arrows. HUH?

In classic Zombie Fashion we had to have a little lunch before we were pelted with Nerf arrows.

Then the fun started the runners had to come out on the field and grab 2 of the arrows, this is when we could go and grab their flags. Talk about a workout. It was awesome.
Then after they grabbed the 2 arrows they had to climb up on a big railroad cart and grab a bow and try to shoot us. IF they shot one of the zombies they earned a flag back. Trust me we didn't let that happen too often.

I love it when people actually have fun with the race. I loved her shirt! It says WINNER, WINNER, NOT YO DINNER! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Holly and I teamed up with these two super cool Zombies for some flag pulling fun. After three hours of nothing but sprints and all out Zombie warfare we had it down to a tee. Can you say Zombie dream team?

We got to meet some great people being Zombies. If you like competitive fun. This race is perfect for you. 
Our newest Zombie friends. We had a great time  with these guys. Cloud Pajama boy was awesome! I think he was used for target shooting the whole day.
After our Zombie shift was over we met up with Heather, who's husband did the Traditions Triathlon earlier in the day. (Congrats Bobby)!
She looked so clean next to us. Mindy and I were exhausted after three hours of Runner chasing and had to rest up for the Gulf Coast Half on Sunday, we opted out of running the course. Gina stayed and ran the course with Heather.
We had to take a little bite out of Heather before heading home.
This was an overall fun time. I am not one to do theme races more than once. I will definitely be doing this race again. Probably as a runner, I want to have that opportunity. The great people at The Zombie Run had awesome medals.
Red (Survivor Medals) for the runners.
And black (Infected) medals for the Zombies.
I loved the medals and the tech shirts were amazing.
The after party was help inside the Fair grounds. They had free beer, however you had to pay for food, which I thought was strange because most everyone had just run 3+ miles. They should have had something for the runners to eat. The Shed BBQ was there selling food, so I am sure that it was delicious. The music was great.
My overall opinion of the race was that if you are looking for a really fun time with your friends and have a little competitive nature, you will love the Zombie Run. It was a little disorganized and the food thing was weird, but overall we had a blast and I would definitely do it again.