Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taking a break is a must sometimes!

Sometimes a break
from your routine
is the very thing you
I hate that I have been gone for a couple of weeks. I have missed updating you guys on all the craziness that is 0to26point2. I have some things going on in my personal life that I cant talk about right now. (nothing bad)! As soon as things calm down I will definitely let you guys in on what's going on because after all you guys are my 0to26point2 family:)
So until then I have a couple things going on for you guys. I have a Spartan race entry for one of you and a Drenched 5k entry coming soon and I have been working with a couple of other companies to bring you guys some exciting news. Stay Tuned!
So if you guys will just stick with me, I will be back full time next week. I also have some CrossFit news for you guys and an update on how things are going with my CrossFit venture. And I am also going back on my Paleo diet. Anyone want to do a challenge with me?
You guys rock and thanks for being patient!


  1. I've been MIA the past two weeks too. Excited to hear about your news and yea girl, I think I need to give Paleo a go.