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Crescent City Classic 10k 2015 Race Recap...


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This is the fourth year (3rd year medaled) that I have ran the Crescent City Classic 10k in New Orleans with 17,000 + of my closest friends. Why does everyone love this race? I'm not sure, but I might be able to show you why. Crescent City Classic 10k recap...

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One of the things I love about the ccc10k is that it is a point to point race. So it starts by the Superdome at the Hyatt and ends at City Park. The only down side to a point to point race is that you have to decide to park at the start or at the finish. Either way you are riding a bus. LOL! We had decided that we would get up early and get ready to go and take our car to the finish and ride the buses back to the start. Because we were meeting the other bloggers at the start line at 7am for pictures, we needed to get the car to the finish line as soon as the buses started rolling at 5:30am. YES 5:30 AM! AHHHHHHHHH! It was a super early wake up for an 8 o'clock start time. LOL! Luckily we were lucky enough to have a VIP parking pass so we were able to park close and get right on a bus back to the start. However there were plenty of parking spots that were not VIP that were close too. So the key is getting there early. While we were on the very dark and quiet school bus there was this very sweet woman that got on the bus by herself and was so excited about the race. She was trying to get the party started. After getting off the bus, we found her to thank her for waking us up and getting us in the New Orleans mode. She was a teacher and loved people. The people of New Orleans are amazing...

 photo d2bbdd3f-f769-4e2e-924b-86479f3873cd_zpsku646nbu.jpg

We headed to Champions Square at the Superdome. This is kind of the hub for the runners. They had Community Coffee, Smoothie King, and lots and lots of bathrooms set up for people to use. After finding our way out of Champions Square we headed to the start line to meet up with the famous George Melichar.

 photo 20150404_073452_zps2m8h6sa4.jpg

We also met up with the some of the other bloggers for a quick picture at the start line.

 photo 73f50175-0de5-4834-8fd2-1460b51b0f8b_zpshko6onuz.jpg
Jason, Joe, Gina, Fred, Heather, Allyson, me, George, Lisa, and the CCC10k race owner  Richard Thomas.

The elite and seeded runners started to line up for the race. This is the start of 17,000 runners about to go under that START line.

 photo 40335fb8-8bfc-4f99-a335-a5c24f2f12dd_zpsey7ntzjk.jpg

The Crescent City Classic attracts elite runners from around the world. It is really cool to see all of the professional athletes warming up at the start line. The athletes in the picture finished 3rd overall female (32:51 5:18/M) and 7th overall male (29:57 4:50/M) Crazy fast!

 photo 4a9c63b4-613b-410c-ba51-84c915c4ff56_zpsktz2esnh.jpg

At 7:45 they had a soft start for the group Ainsley's Angel Team Chris.

 photo 182cee22-f7cc-4f62-a039-bd719e13645e_zpsjqvjxwfl.jpg

At 7:55 they had the Boy Scouts and the Military band come out and play the National Anthem.

 photo 20150404_074817_zps1fnm242k.jpg

 photo 20150404_074807_zpsobvisgfc.jpg

And then one of my favorite race announcers whom also happens to be the Gulf Coast Half Series race director got the crowd pumped up and the race started. For all of you guys who want to run an epic inaugural race on the Gulf Coast. Check out the Battleship 12k, coming to Mobile on November 15th, 2015.

 photo 82a98c1a-7131-4783-b4e8-e820250dc9bd_zpssvqyobp2.jpg

At 8 a.m. they were off...

 photo ebd452b5-6db1-493e-bd90-352c914db60d_zpsttfz12bw.jpg

Before the race George and I had decided in order to give you guys the full race experience we would stop and take a lot of pictures along the course. So Jennifer and Tiffany ran ahead.

So with out further ado, the Classic course...

We decided that starting the race after the nun and the Pope was only fitting because after all it was Easter weekend.

 photo 5d11d634-8f36-4135-b6d7-655477ad32df_zpsdva9mgcq.jpg

Oh yeah and in true New Orleans fashion, of course the CCC10k was also having a costume contest during the race...HEEHEE!!!

 photo 20150404_081806_zpsyyv0oj8r.jpg

The race started on Poydras St where right off out the gate there were these awesome people handing out jello shots.

 photo e56a8c12-3ab1-423a-b568-3e9d766a6d44_zpsaflfzmll.jpg

YESSSS! remember this is New Orleans...

 photo 20150404_082444_zpspkht5a2u.jpg

Then we took a left by Harrahs Casino on to Decatur St where you hit Mile 1 right in the heart of the French Quarter.

 photo 9a5735ff-e0a5-427d-b7f3-e14fc6340911_zpsotamhslr.jpg

Then we headed toward every ones favorite New Orleans landmark, Cafe Du Monde. We may or may not have stolen someones beignets, shhhhh!

 photo 75d5b4a2-e5a3-41bc-a84b-b9b1d9ede560_zpsggjddpre.jpg

We had to help out this lost Storm Trooper (another costume contest entry)

 photo 23daa76b-b014-4b30-b155-51151386f74f_zpsesbrpo78.jpg

After running through the French Quarters you head towards the French Market and take a left on Esplanade Ave for the last 4 miles.

 photo 25a9acb5-5d8c-4904-a346-e743035dc924_zpsl7i8ojnk.jpg

Esplanade Ave is a gorgeous tree lined street with some amazing New Orleans style homes.

 photo 20150404_085754_zpspfpmgsj5.jpg

I mentioned before that there were over 17,000 runners in the race. A lot of people race the ccc10k but for the most its a race to have a lot of fun with friends. These ladies were just off to the sidelines cheering other runners on while they were taking a break.

 photo 5796d0fd-dd2c-495e-bf70-338a875b51aa_zpsiqaqwc6i.jpg

This guys was giving people power ups...

 photo 4d6815bd-8ec0-4b9e-a614-5a37625b922a_zpspogejjgm.jpg

And of course Summertime Santa was giving people shots of margarita out of his water ski. (Normal right? Only in Nola!)

 photo 88a142a7-249f-43ba-98e2-bb0786dba190_zpscxjghddq.jpg

Then there was this Saints Fireman, He was fully suited, oxygen tank and all. I must say watching him run with full gear was very inspiring.

 photo 63f7e37f-f5bc-4682-9fb4-ba7cc185d635_zpszxtoniq0.jpg

We also stopped and had a little Jager and a beer with this wild group of firefighters...

 photo 20150406_203502_zpshryis1ed.jpg

And played in the bubbles with this group...

 photo 05676bc3-99c6-4c19-8ce8-ff64552c978b_zpsuh3j5svj.jpg

Then we partook in a little Easter Saturday Mimosa...

 photo 20150406_203754_zpsa61bfgxw.jpg

By this point we had had made it all the way down to City Park and took a left to run the last mile in the park. Kudos to the firefighters and police that helped make the course safe for us.

 photo ccc10k2015-Larissa12_zpstgnv2mch.jpg

After a short run in the park you head towards the front of City Park and around the New Orleans Museum of Art Building and head towards the finish line...

 photo 1c746448-fa73-4b68-bc04-2971348f5304_zpsi4ikvtuh.jpg

 photo 72220931-9949-4829-a709-8766dca97800_zpscsqemdk6.png

CCC10k Finish line does not have a finishers chute, so when you are done you walk and around and collect your finisher medal.

 photo 731684a5-1425-408a-8b82-0234ca9ab986_zpspxvh23d0.jpg

Then make your way to the finish line party entrance. You can enter the party with your race number or by purchasing a ticket at the booth close to the entrance.

Inside the finish line party, Winn Dixie was passing out fruit...

 photo e0b08eb9-5329-48f9-af93-974538bccfed_zpsnh99fvuk.jpg

And Michelob Ultra was keeping the ice cold beer flowing...

 photo f48406b4-82a7-4b91-b81d-8297f3cf76b9_zpsmwxjwrev.jpg

They also had a kids area and tons of bathrooms...

 photo 243186b7-93f9-4b8e-a50a-d1248f6811f0_zpso4ftp5b6.jpg

We had a blast hanging out at the party

 photo 9cba1dea-06d5-41cc-9a0d-9cb9a02596c9_zpse93qgone.jpg

You could also check out all of the sponsor and team charity booths, like the NOTC New Orleans Track Club...

 photo ccc10k2015-NOTC_zps9xhsqwub.jpg

You could hang out and party all morning with the Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes. (Picture cred: @ccc10k)

All together CCC10k raised $500,000 to donate to 15 different New Orleans Charities. Its amazing what this group does for New Orleans.

 photo 20150404_074710_zpsjignhhyw.jpg

Loved meeting up with the other bloggers at the finish line. The CCC10k is all about friendship and fun. 

 photo 20150404_102319_zpswjsjaogy.jpg
Joe, Fred, me, Jenn, Heather, George, Allyson, Gina, Jason, and Nicole

And last but not least I had a blast with 2 of my best friends in the Big Easy...

 photo 20150403_103540_zpsy4qjssxz.jpg

I would love for all of you to come and run the Crescent City Classic next year with us. I promise you it will be an experience you will not forget. To all of you out there that PR'd at the Classic, great job. And to those of you who just had a blast and enjoyed the Nola experience, I hope you had a blast. Until next year...

 photo f08918e2-81a2-4f67-bbd2-14189a026d96_zps1wocjunf.jpg

As a 2015 Official CCC10k blogger, I was given a free entry, VIP parking, and finish line VIP passes and no other compensation. All opinion of course are my own. 


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  2. Oh my gosh that looks like such a fun run!!!

  3. Wow stolen beignets, elite runners, beer.....and medals? This sounds like the race to be at for real!!!! Looks like you guys had a good time meeting up with other bloggers and touring ahem running the race. :-)

  4. This looks like SO MUCH fun! I hope to run in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities, soon! Beignets, yes! I will make sure I stay away from the hand grenades. lol I'm adding this race to my list!

  5. Heather MontgomeryApril 7, 2015 at 11:19 AM

    One day I need to run this race for fun and partake in all the drinks. I took my time and took a lot of pictures last year, however I was pregnant so I couldn't drink any of the alcohol!

  6. This is on my bucket list. My husband has family in the area and I love New Orleans!

  7. This race looks like such a blast! Jello shots? Beignets? Costumes? I'm in!

  8. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinApril 7, 2015 at 2:27 PM

    Looks like you had an awesome race! I love, love a New Orleans race! I hope to do this one next year! Have done the Rock n Roll NOLA twice and want to do the Jazz Half on Halloween. How fun will that be! :)

  9. Looks like a really fun race!!! I'll be living a lot closer next year so I may run it!

  10. Those are some crazy fast times! :O I've never run a 10k and haven't ever been to New Orleans...that's awesome that they were doing a costume contest though! And yay for power ups! :P!

  11. lol, ikr! the elites were flying. The classic makes sure that everyone has a great time. :)

  12. I understand trying to justify traveling for a 10k, but its NEW ORLEANS, so justify a weekend in New Orleans that just so happens to have a really kick -A 10k going on while you are there. :)

  13. Where are you moving to? You MUST join us next year :)

  14. YESSS! you must come run ccc10k. Its soooo much fun. I may do Jazz Half too, looks like a blast

  15. LOL IKR! Come join us next year, its a blast.

  16. AND WHY haven't you ran this race? LOL its a must

  17. LOL I have raced it every year till this year and never partook in all of the festivities. I am so glad I did, it was so much fun. Didnt even feel like I was on course for an hour and thirty minutes. We had a blast. Next year I'm racing it so you can be the slow party blogger for us, lol!

  18. I have yet to see hand grenades on course but there is no telling what may be there next year. LOL! You HAVE to come next year.

  19. LOL! it was a blast.

  20. Yes you must come next year :)

  21. LOL YEP, it was a blast. I have raced it every year, so it was nice to just relax and enjoy the festivities this time around. You must come next year.

  22. I love NO! Was it super humid? I've never run there.

  23. Stephanie FelderApril 8, 2015 at 9:07 AM

    What a fun race! I love that it benefits so many charities in the city! It looks like a great time was had by all.

  24. Girl you had so much fun!!!! The last few times I've run this race that's what I did too...I took tons of pics. But this year I ran it fast...and PRed! It was a different experience but still a blast! Hate I missed all the blogger photos. :-( Hopefully next year Paige won't have to leave early and I can stay and hang out more! Thanks again for the blogger opportunity! :-)

  25. Wow such a wonderful race . . . party . . .party race. IT looks like you had an incredibly fun time along the course!

  26. Rachel @RunningRachelApril 8, 2015 at 2:28 PM

    What a fun race!! Love the costumes and cheer support! :)

  27. I love seeing pictures of elites running. their forms are always amazing.

  28. This race looks like so much fun...even more fun than the color me rad races I've done in the past haha
    Glad to know you can have fun during a race without being colour bombed haha

  29. CCC10k is always so much fun!!! One of my favorites! Thanks for the invite to the Blogger group this year :) Enjoyed it

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  32. Wow - This looks like such a fun race. I really enjoyed seeing all of your photos :)

  33. Looks like you had a LOT of fun! Thanks for linking up on #TuesdayTales!!!