Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Traditions Triathlon Relay Recap

This past Saturday my kids and I headed to Biloxi MS for the 5th annual Traditions Tri. This race is held at the gorgeous Tradition Village and put on by the Run-N-Tri Company.

 photo fa6243041ec66c9db11bcf2b28826635ace87003_zps95n7f8bv.png

Oh and its also organized by my friend and fellow +CCC10k blogger Lisa McCombs of Tri Our Adventure. Go check out her blog, you will LOVE it and she is also an amazing Tri Coach if your looking for someone to take you to the next level. Lisa is your girl...

 photo 13379dc4-e28c-40ec-aabe-672fb859c055_zpsu8vpxl2o.jpg

So when we get to Biloxi it was raining, however I wasn't too worried about it because I was about to get into Traditions Lake and swim 1/3 of a mile for my relay team. So getting wet was not a big deal to me. I also was there to meet up with my relay team whom I had only met our cyclist, John, a couple times and had never met our runner, Nicole. We were put together by Lisa, so I was super excited to meet them. I met up with Nicole at the registration tent.

 photo 20150411_101015_zpsedbhp9yy.jpg

LOVED her! I go to quite a few events during the year where I meet new people. There are those few people you meet that you instantly have a connection with and Nicole was one of those people. She is a mom of 4 and a speedy runner. We talked a lot about her transition into the tri world next year and I can tell she is going to be one of those people that is going to kill it. Look out you guys, shes coming...

The race started at 8 am, so I knew I needed to get ready with my wetsuit on and get to the swim start. John's wife, Shental was there to hang out with me before the start. She is such an amazing motivator...

 photo 20150411_075837_zpsofq2vm0h.jpg

It was almost time for us to line up and hit the water. They had decided this year to do a self seeded swim start. They had "corrals" based on your own estimated swim time so you just lined up behind that time.

 photo 20150411_080219_zpszwnxa66o.jpg

I had never swam in Tradition Lake so I decided I would line up in the 10-12 minutes group. It was a 615 yd (1/3 mile) swim. I knew I could easily swim that in under 10 at the pool, but this was my first open water swim of the season, so I played safe with my time. (Sorry so blurry) They were letting one person in at a time, it was a great way to enter a swim start.

 photo aad09c30-d4a9-4e4c-825c-ce66d8ac82ff_zpsgaofesjf.jpg

Finally it was my turn to hit the water and the temp was great. I could have prob swam without the wetsuit and really wish I would have. I ended up having to unzip it halfway through the swim because I couldn't breathe very well. YIKES! Not to self if the wetsuit feels too tight, ditch it, LOL!

After what felt like a pretty decent swim, I emerged out of the water pretty happy...

 photo 43b73153-3cdb-4567-a85e-0633f09b0575_zps4fvteqp3.jpg

and headed to the bike transition...

 photo 9ffef8f5-143d-4637-abdd-e5a929ddd1c8_zpspwg5ucro.jpg

They have it set up that you come out of the water in the same place you enter the water, so you run about 150 meters to the bike transition. Since I was on a relay team and was just swimming, my part was done. It was now Johns turn to ride the 17 hilly miles around Traditions Village...

 photo 9929b372-709c-4379-9e76-855551a08e72_zpsqsf414e9.jpg

John is an amazing athlete. He is just fearless and it is so inspiring.

 photo ee65a4aa-a188-410b-b6a1-d83d67729687_zpsjspbrid8.jpg

John had a great ride even after he realized he lost his back brakes, he still stayed on track and kept going. #boommmmm. He the passed the timing chip to Nicole who was ready to run her 3 mile course to the finish...

 photo 97bd2a72-93fd-42b7-8afb-4499e94d503a_zpsts0v5g8o.jpg

She was running really strong. Apparently the course goes off into a trail for a minute. Be prepared for that if you decide to the race next year.

 photo 8b02e13a-835c-4772-a440-250d3c272fda_zpstzhilt7o.jpg

She brought our team home with a really strong finish...

 photo 2a3c7e64-4e9e-4b40-b918-beac0a055866_zpsnnez2zd8.jpg

I loved doing the relay option of races. Not only is it a great way to experience a part of the race, but also a great way to hang out with new and old friends,

 photo cca4dc70-0c7f-401f-8867-caf10a296dcb_zpsrnrr7jfs.jpg

Loved having my kiddos there with me to cheer me on. Unfortunately my husband had to work so we flew solo. But they were great race support...

 photo IMG_20150411_111450_zpswcchvq9b.jpg

After the race was over we headed to the finish line party and WHOA it was amazing. They had food from Newks, including awesome sandwiches...

 photo 20150411_093719_zpsiefd85zf.jpg

and an amazing salad...

 photo 20150411_093725_zpssqznncht.jpg

They also had Southern pecan beer and Michelob Ultra, OH and the most amazing Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie from Murphy's that was to die for...

 photo 20150411_100726_zpshkmcgfqq.jpg

After the awards were given out which were a super cute coffee cup painted by the W.J.Quarles Elementary School kids...

 photo b783ff6b-c162-4dfa-9691-72c12dca4868_zpsewqkgaeu.jpg

Super cute! They had a ton of raffle prizes. Each athlete got 1 raffle ticket in their packet and then you could buy more at the finish line. They were giving away running shoes, race entries, goggles, tshirts, sunglasses, fuel packs, and even a brand new tri bike. CRAZY! All of the proceeds went to the Ansley's Angels charity, which matches athletes with a child that would not be able to participate in the event without the help of their group of angels.

They actually started the @ccc10k race last weekend in New Orleans...

 photo 20150404_074328_zpsxoglpi0z.jpg

Of course I didn't win anything in the raffle :( However Nicole managed to snag her a Battleship 12k  entry from yours truly :)

Overall the Traditions Tri is a must do race next year. I am actually thinking about doing the entire thing myself. It was just an overall FUN day even in the rain.

IF you want to check out the Traditions Tri you can find them at www.traditionstri.com. And like them on FB for updates about next years race.

Do you have a favorite small race or tri?

This was my own personal review, no compensation was given. As always all opinions are my own!


  1. I don't have a favorite but i'm participating in a couple 5ks this year!

  2. I loved the Awesome 80s Run when we lived in San Diego- it was a fun 10k that my whole family got to enjoy. The medals were pretty nice also :)

  3. Thanks Larisa! It turned out to be a perfect day and your team rocked it! I love the idea of 3 strangers coming together to relay. FUN!! My favorite small tri/race is Sunfish Triathlon in Meridian. It's in July. In Meridian. It's hot and a little hilly but always a great race.

  4. I did a relay tri last year and did the bike leg. It's so much fun to do as a team I loved it.

  5. What a great event and a fun time. I love love LOVE that mug so much.

  6. How fun!! I would totally do a tri if if it was in relay form! I didn't know that was a thing. Also, LOVE that the awards are hand painted. That makes them so special!

  7. I love the idea of a tri relay - anything so I don't have to bike with cars is fine with me!

  8. The mugs are the cutest thing ever!

  9. Congrats to all you! Looks like a fun event. This was good for me to read as I'm doing a similar tiny tri (my first) in <2 weeks. 3 mile bike, 1 mile run, 800m swim. Is it weird the swim is last? My daughter is doing it as part of a relay.

  10. This looks like such a fun event! We have a tri here locally but I have never participated, just spectated!

  11. I love the idea of a relay and how it offers a bonding experience for all of the participants.

  12. My girlfriend did an Iron Girl Tri Sprint and I was so proud of her. It was a lot of fun, a lot of brands and amazing athletes. I was extremely impressed.

  13. a tri relay would be SO awesome. i might have to look into one of these!

  14. Congrats Larisa! Still tempted to try a tri :)

  15. Rachel @RunningRachelApril 15, 2015 at 9:40 AM

    Way to go! I have never tRide a tri... Someday.

  16. A tri relay sounds like it'd be a lot of fun! I think a couple people from the hospital I was at last month did something like that! :D

  17. I don't have a favourite race, but I'd love to do a relay race where I get to meet new people. Pretty sure that'll be a great bonding experience haha

  18. This looks like it was loads of fun! I love events where you get to meet new people while also promoting fitness while spending time with family.

  19. A team tri sounds super fun! Yes, I am still getting used to the whole wetsuit thing. It is definitely a weird thing to swim in one but in New England usually necessary as the water can be frigid!

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