Sunday, March 3, 2013

March challenges! My Goals!

So for my March goals, I am going to try and work on my blogging. Its been hit or miss this past month. With that I want to join in on my super cool blogging friends challenges.
I am starting with the great Kat's Weekly Workout Roundup
Feb 24th     Rock n Roll New Orleans MARATHON 
ran 26.2 miles
Feb 25th   REST
Feb 26th    Crossfit upper body
Feb 27th     REST
Feb 28th     Crossfit light
March 1st      30 min spin
March 2nd      REST
Obviously I was on a light no workout/run week this week coming off of my marathon. I am glad that I went to Crossfit Coastline, I was able to stretch and work on upper body. My goals for this week...
CrossFit 5 days this week
Run 3 miles x3
Speedwork 1 day
heavy lift day x2
 Next challenge, My friend Mindy does a Plank a day challenge...
This on will be fairly easy for me because I do them anyway daily, I just have to remember to post it! Alarm time:)
Last but not least my girl Amanda from Run to the Finish has a great challenge that she has been putting on for a while now called the Bootie Buster Challenge. The Spring Bootie Buster Challenge is starting tomorrow. If you are looking for a way to get your Bootie in shape for the summer, here it is...
Its a point system based challenge. I normally don't join challenges because I never stick them out. However I am surprising myself with my 40 day Paleo challenge, I thought WTH lets do another one. Amanda is freaking awesome and I know she will keep me motivated and in check! Join Today!
So as the month of March has creeped up on us, I have picked some challenges I think that will push me to that next level.
Have you joined any challenges this year?


  1. Thanks for linking up and great job coming off that race!

  2. A very much deserved light week (even though crossfitx2 and spin isn't THAT light!)after the marathon! I also do the weekly workouts roundup, but thinking about the SBBC. Better make my mind up today, huh?

  3. You are a da bomb diggity :) so glad to have you on board, I know you'll be keeping me focused on hitting the weights!!!