Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Fitness must haves...

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2014 Fitness must haves so far...
We are 2 weeks into 2014, can you believe it? I wanted to tell you about some of my favorite things I have been using this year so far.
I am loving the non slip head bands from Max Flow Sports. They actually fit my head well and stay in place. I have really long hair and it stays back pretty good in a ponytail but the Max flow headbands helps with them little whispy hairs that get in my face esp during Crossfit.
I have been earning some pretty fantastic looking bling through my partnership with Jost Running Virtual races. The races have been really cool to use as my training runs. they have kept me interested in training. Check out all of the Jost Running races and see if there is one that fits you.
2. Koss Headphones- Headphones designed specifically for women, by women.
I was given both the FitClips and FitBuds from the Koss Fit Series for review through a FitFluential Campaign.
I have been using the Koss FlexFit Fit Clips for the past week, and they are amazing. I have not had to adjust them on my runs or rides at all. They also have yet to fall off while I attempt to do yoga. I will say they are not as loud as the previous headphones I have used, but are definitely more comfortable and fit better. My husband has smaller ears and he keeps trying to steal mine.
I am not a big fan of the ear bud style headphones, mainly because they come out, however the design of the Koss FitBuds are amazing. The entire "bud' fits in your ear making it harder to just fall out.
Overall both pairs of headphones have been a great addition to my fit gear so far this year. They are also very affordable at a retail price of $29.99. You can find them available at the following stores,
Best Buy
You can also connect with Koss Headphones via
Instagram @Koss
2. Swiftwick Socks and Mizuno Running shoes
If you followed my adventures into the New Year, you would know that my Swiftwick Socks and Mizuno Running shoes took me to a lot of really cool places for 10 days. I never leave home without a pair of Swiftwick socks on. If you haven't tried them yet, your missing out. I have been wearing my Mizuno Running shoes for the past year now, they have been extremely helpful in getting me across the finish line.
QOTD: Do you have any Fitgear that is helping you take over 2014?



  1. LOVE everything on your list! koss fitclips ROCK!!

  2. Sounds like people LOVE Mizuno. I'm looking for some new running shoes!

  3. Loving the Koss but just wish the cord was shorter. :)