Thursday, January 9, 2014

Homemade Sunbutter for the win!!!

I have a little bit of a nutbutter obsession. After seeing my favorite running store manager post his "collection", I of course had to post mine!
One nut butter I love is Sunbutter, but it is so expensive. The cheapest I have found it was about $6 a jar, so I decided to do it myself;)

Let me tell you it's the easiest thing to do. 1. By unshelled roasted sunflower seeds. ( I found a huge bag for $2 at the grocery store. If you only find raw,  just roast in the oven for about 10 minutes on 450 in the oven.)
2. Pour into food processor and start blending. It will go through a few phases...
  Chopped nuts, then meal, then it will start to cake up on the sides, just stop and push it all back down, you will have to do this a bunch of times. After a while the oil in the nuts will start to release and you will have a creamy substance. You can add a little olive oil or coconut oil to it if you like it real creamy.
3. You can add in a little honey our agave syrup if you like a sweet taste.
4. Enjoy.

QOTD What's your favorite nut butter?

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