Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Healthier Fruit Snack Recipe and I'm Leaving on a Jet PLane!

I am headed out this evening on a jet plane top Phoenix AZ! I am excited to be celebrating my brother-n-law Davids,  21st birthday in style! I love this guy...
 photo IMG_20131229_181720_zpscf8gxzts.jpg
So since I will be packing an getting kids where they need to be, I thought I would give you guys a really quick recipe you can do with your kids. Or with adults if you so choose too, lol...
Sugar Free JELLO Fruit snacks. Super easy, we are talking 3 ingredients! BAMMMM!
2 boxes of JELLO ( I used sugar free raspberry)
1 packet of Knox Gelatin
1/3 cup of water
(You could sub fruit juice for the water to add in extra vitamins) 
Boil, stirring constantly till mixed.
Pour in to ice trays or jello molds.
Let sit out on the counter for about 45 minutes.
And you have....
Here is what they look like individually:)

I doubled the recipe to make enough to equal an average size 10 ct box of kids fruit snacks.
Then I did the nutrition count on both and compared:
I like being able to cut down on the sugar for my kids. This is definitely something that I will continue to do throughout the school year for them. They love them. Now I just need to kind some small enough bags for them:)

I am going to use the regular Jello and make some and try fueling with them, should be interesting.

I hope you enjoy this easy recipe and make your own. If you do make sure to send me a pic on Facebook or Twitter. While you are there make sure to LIKE and FOLLOW me. I will return the favor.
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I'm headed to pack and Ill see ya in Phoenix...
Do you have a healthy snack recipe? I would love to see it!
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  1. Three months ago, I decided to switch to healthier food choices. One of my friends recommended Luke’s Organic Chips and Crackers and I decided to give them a try. I must say, they are the best organic snacks I’ve ever had. My favorite is the brown rice chips (tastes better than it sounds) and my 4yr old loves the sea salt crackers. You can purchase them from our local Costco here in San Jose, CA or visit to find a retailer near you.

  2. not healthy. jello is not healthy.

    And Splenda is no better.