Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MyRaceRagz Customized Race Shirt Review and Giveaway...

UPDATE! I went to a orthopedic yesterday for a second opinion on my "broke" foot. I was so excited when he came in and told me it was not broken, YIPPEEEEEE! He told me to wear the shoe for another week and let it heal. I could do light impact cardio next week and start back running in about 10 days. AHHHH! Such great news!
MyRaceRagz review and giveaway!
I love customized racing shirts. Especially for runcations with friends. I figured if I have to run a lot of miles I might as well look good doing it. I also love having my name on my shirt for larger races. Its really cool for people to yell your name out while your dying running a marathon. When one of my favorite bloggers Jenny at MetamorFit offered a few of us a chance to review a MyRaceRagz customized shirt, I jumped at the opportunity.
My Race Ragz started by a Husband & Wife Team Who Had a Burning Passion For Running And a Yearning Desire To Help Others Enjoy The Sport as Much as They Do…thus MyRaceRagz was born! To read more about their passion for runners and traithletes, CLICK HERE!
One of the great things about MyRaceRagz is that they have over 700 designs/slogans to chose from, and use only high performance moisture wicking shirts. I also love that they are 100% made and printed in the USA.
I have been wanting a blog shirt that I can wear to blog/race media events. So I chose to customize my own shirt. I decided on my shirt style and started designing. I started with the front design. I really like that the style shirt you choose is what you design on, so you can really tell how its going to look...

 photo ceba82fd-b303-450b-8b48-197a44a0900f_zpsf44249fb.jpg
It was so much fun designing the way I wanted the shirt to look. I could choose the font style, size, and positioning as well as the color. You can also customize the color of the lettering and add shadowing effects. It was super easy to design. After the front was done I started on the back design.

 photo 74e84d0b-6bab-48ef-85af-597484f7e200_zps211e10a8.jpg

This was my favorite part of the design process. It was super easy to design and submit. After they receive your design and approve it they will send you a proof of your shirt design and start making it.

 photo 52a7553f-6225-4e60-9b1a-85c4b7d8b550_zps9850862a.png
You should receive your shirt within 7-10 days of ordering/manufacturing (Some custom shirts may take a little longer). I received an email about a week later saying it had shipped to me. It did take a little longer to receive, however I think it was a snailmail problem and not MyRaceRagz. I will say their customer service was AH-MAZING!. I was worried about the fact that it had been over a week since I got the mailed out email. I contacted Jenny about it, and had customer service immediately contact me and they stayed in contact with me daily until I got my shirt. This is the front...
 photo dd68b731-d11a-4975-aa2f-7ec143846f2b_zps50ceb86d.jpg
and the back...
 photo 55fecf68-7935-42a7-8feb-f206c236d5c4_zps0b78af0d.jpg
It came out perfect, I love it. I was able to wear it on my trip to Boston with Runners World Magazine. People on the airport were checking my shirt out as I walked by. If you happen to have seen it and follow me now, WELCOME!

Now to the awesome part, the people over at MyRaceRagz is offering one of you guys a chance to make your very own customized running shirt. I am so excited to see what the winner will come up with...

Enter below. This giveaway will be open until June 30th, 2014 at midnight. I will announce the winner on July 1st right here on the blog. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was able to get in a really great upper body workout today in the gym. It felt great. Hopefully next week I will be able to get back in my cardio zone. This foot is driving me crazy but getting better.

 photo eb1601d8-990d-4080-8c63-c8badb7c04db_zps1af99d27.jpg

Have you ever customized a shirt for a race?
I was given a code to design my own customized shirt from MyRaceRagz.com. No other compensation was received. As always all opinions are my own.


  1. I would put the line from the Shakespeare play, "And though she be but little, she is fierce" I love that mantra!

  2. Probably something to do with running and eating cake,lol...

  3. I will throw my name into the hat! I would create a custom shirt for my brothers birthday that reads, The Extra Mile (that's his motto) OR create a shirt with my blog name (FAB Running)

    1. You could put them both on it:) miss youuuuuuu

  4. i would add my lastname and an inspirational quote

  5. I would have to work out a graphic to possibly go with it, but the text would be of some form "I'm a completer, not a competer."

    1. That sounds awesome! You could put a finish line on it;)

  6. I would put the name of my blog and FB page on it "Run Turtle Run"
    It's how I register for all my races. I love running and turtles, and since I run as slow as turtles it first perfectly. :)

    1. Love turtles. It's all about the finish; )

  7. I have no idea what I would put right now. Maybe my blog name and an inspirational quote!

  8. I would put "I Am Only Half Crazy 13.1"

  9. I would put "mind over matter" or something along those lines.

  10. I would put MommiesRun on my shirt! I love getting recognized at local races!

  11. How I would LOVE to have a custom shirt with my website on it! I have always wanted to make one. Since my blog is called "Beauty and the Beets" I would probably put on the back- "I am BEETING you!" :)
    And I am getting surgery on my foot in December and NOT looking forward to it. Glad you will be healed soon and it isn't a broken foot.

  12. Doing NYC Marathon this fall and would love to have a cool shirt.

    (I really like the 2011/2014 pic in your header...)