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Thermo Heat Fat Burner Review...

The following post is a sponsored post by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Thermo Heat.

I was given the opportunity to try out a new Fat Burner from Advanced Molecular Labs.
Thermo Heat Fat Burner
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Back in 2000 when I first got into working out and training, it was not unusual to use fat burning supplements. It was more accepted back then. More normal. Not so much anymore. Mainly due to the abuse of them.

Do I think they are good for you? Yes and No!
Do I think they are bad for you? Yes and No!

I feel like if you are using them for what they are made for than they can work in your advantage. I personally have used some form of fat burners for a long time and only used them right before a cardio workout for that extra "energy" push. I have also never used them to actually burn fat, or as a weight loss crutch. I am firm believer in Calories in, Calories out! That being said, trying a new fat burner was great for me.

I started taking the ThermoHeat fat burner 18 days ago. I really wanted to use it for a couple of weeks before forming my opinion. The first couple of days I took one pill in the morning about 30 minutes before I ate and went to do my cardio. I did find that it made my stomach a little uneasy for about 15 minutes for the first couple days. It was not enough for me to stop taking them. I did however start drinking a ton of water after I took it and that really helped. I also found myself not having that heart racing energy, which I hate. I would go straight to the gym and either swim, spin, or run, and it actually did give me that extra energy push to finish the brick strong.

Another thing that I really wanted to test out if I would have energy still in the afternoon to do my 2 a day workout and not feel like I am crashing. I have taken a few fate burners hat were great when I took them but by the afternoon I was exhausted. Not with ThermoHeat, I was able to push through my cardio at night and still get to sleep with no problems.
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By week 2, I was taking the recommended dosage of 2 pills in the morning. My stomach had adjusted and I was no longer having any problems. Of course there are plenty of warnings, so please take a second and check them out HERE on the Advanced Molecular Labs website. Also if you are caffeine sensitive, please check the warnings.

Overall I am enjoying taking the Thermo Heat on my heavy cardio days. Is it for everyone, definitely not. However if you use it for exactly what it was meant for, you can actually benefit from Thermo Heat fat burners. If you want to learn more about how Thermo Heat actually works, check out Thermo Heat on Advanced Molecular Labs page.

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