Monday, June 23, 2014

That time I broke my foot...

Things happen sometimes that you wish you had a great story for. This is one of those times.

Unfortunately, this story is kind of boring...

Thursday, my husband had an antique piano delivered to our house. He and his three friends went to unload it off the back of a truck. If you have ever tried to lift an older piano, its weighs about 800 lbs. Anyways they had decided to slide it down on a birchwood mantle piece that we had recently taken down. The mantle piece weighed about 80lbs itself. My job was to take the mantle piece out once they slid the piano to the ground. No problem, right? WRONG! What I hadn't noticed that the guy had taken his tailgate off of his truck, so that the weight of the piano wouldn't break it, and had set it on the ground. So I proceed to take the piece of wood out and back up, falling backwards on the tailgate. I know how to fall thanks too biking, so I knew to just let it happen, however I had a 75 lb piece of wood falling with me. I decided mid air to push the wood away from me so it wouldn't fall on me. Unfortunately it caught my left foot...
 photo IMG_20140622_175252_zpskseihd6a.jpg
Ill spare you the close up pics, they are pretty bad. I went and had it x-rayed that night and they found a possible chip fracture (evulsion). Basically they told me to rest, elevate, ice, and compress it till Monday and if it wasn't feeling better to go see an ortho. Today is Monday and it still hurts:( I will be venturing over to the orthopedic today, so please say a little prayer for me that its just really bruised.

In the meantime I still have a Ironman relay to get in shape for. So since I cant hit the water right now, I went for a one legged hour long spin and some Crossfit moves at home...
 photo 20140622_173234_zpscczkeylf.jpg
An athletes got to do what an athletes got to do!

Have you ever had an evulsion fracture?
Any tips on cardio while I'm out?
Swimmers, any out of water exercise tips?


  1. Girl! You don't have time for this!!! Seriously I hope it heals quickly! Hugs!

  2. That sucks! Haven't had an evulsion fracture but have fractured my ankle where the leg bone meets your ankle joint on the outside. Didn't have a real great story on that either.. I was in one of those lovely black boots for 5 weeks but couldn't walk on it. Still better than a cast. Hope they find its only bruised.

  3. Deep water aqua jogging is great. You run in water with a flotation belt. Deep water makes it zero impact but awesome cardio. I did that for 14+ weeks when I had a plateau fracture in 2013

  4. Ouch that sounds so painful! I hope you heal fast!

  5. Get well soon! I agree with aqua jogging, it's a great workout.

  6. Oh no! I hope it's just angry for a little while but not actually broken! Ain't nobody got time for that!

  7. I have a stress fracture right now (when I should be starting training for my first full!) and I am going crazy. My plan is to strength train like crazy and try out some stationary biking to keep the cardio up.