Monday, June 2, 2014

Perfected Clean Pizza Crust. SUPER EASY!

I LOVE Pizza, however my hips don't love it:( So I have been playing with different ways to make a healthy pizza crust. I have tried cauliflower pizza crust and it is delicious, but its pretty messy to make and the price of cauliflower is ridiculous here. A couple weeks ago I made plantain tortillas and they were a huge hit. I thought why not make it into a pizza crust.
 photo 20140528_154416_zps64krsct8.jpg

It worked and it was delicious, however it still was more like a tortilla pizza because the crust was so thin. It didn't fall apart or anything but it was bendy like a tortilla. I started to think of what I could add to it to make it thicker and more pizza crust like and still keep it clean. Enter Almonds...
 photo 20140530_123905_zpsjkakmtsu.jpg

Boommmmmm! Perfect!
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I'm sure at this point you want to know how it was done or at least I hope you do, lol! Let me first tell you it was super easy and quick to make. So here it goes...
 photo Screenshot_2014-05-30-15-38-12-1_zpsercqamaf.png
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Makes one large pizza crust.

1 cup almonds (ground into a meal in your food processor)
1 large yellow ripe plantain
1 heaping tbsp coconut oil
2 eggs
Juice of half a lime
1/4 cup water
1/2 tbsp of salt
olive oil spray (optional)

Mix it all in the food processor till smooth. Pour onto parchment paper on top of a pizza pan. I spray my parchment paper with olive oil spray so that the edges have that crispy taste (optional). Bake at 350 for about 25-30 minutes. Pay attention to it to make sure the edges don't burn.
 photo 20140530_133531_zpslawht4zs.jpg

After it is a nice golden brown top it with your favorite toppings
 photo 20140530_134952_zpsucwmcl5r.jpg

I topped mine with 1 small can of organic tomato sauce mixed with Island Getaway Seasoning (You can mix any seasoning at this point. Whatever you like:), 1 lb of ground lean turkey meat, chopped kale, sweet onions, and low moisture mozzarella.
Put it back in the oven till cheese is melted.
 photo 20140530_140101_zpsediliier.jpg

Cut with pizza cutter. I was soooo very happy that it stayed together and was just like a regular pizza crust when I picked it up.
 photo 20140530_140339_zpsh0eojjkg.jpg
It was super delicious and totally kid friendly! I hope that you guys will try it out and let me know how you liked it. If you decide to try it I would love to see it, TAG @0to26point2 in your post, thanks!

Have a great day...

What is your favorite type of pizza?


  1. OOH you had me curious at PLANTAIN!!!!!

    1. So delicious. It gives it just a hint of that island taste;)

  2. VERY impressed!!! I love when people are creative with their foods in an effort to eat clean, but not deprive themselves!

  3. Plantains and almonds? Two things I LOVE and am super excited to try this out! I'm gluten-free so I appreciate this alternative.